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    Needing help with uw 030 stop locks

    I am finishing up with an Urgos 030 and I am having trouble with the stop locks . Every time I think I have it fixed , it fails . Does any one out there have a diagram of this system? I need to see the up stop and the down stop. with that I can send the baby back home.. thanks ..........TTD
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    NAWCC school

    Is there any good news about the school closing?
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    who does reverse painting here in the south east USA

    Just looking for a source.I have several customers that need some help. thanls ..............TTD
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    Things that make you wonder "what just hapened here"

    Wensday at about 10am I got a call from a little old lady about her clock not striking correctly.I arived at her home about 1pm.Tclock is a 10 yr old Howard Miller gf with all the bells and whistles, at first the clock seemed to be working fine ,then sometimes it would not strike all of its...
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    schatz 1000 day help

    Good evening to all. I have worked on several Schatz 1000 day clocks, and have strugled with them all. The Horolovar Repair Guide sez to use a .0024" sus spring , however all of these clocks wind up in a run away fast mode , 5 to 10 minits fast in just a few hours. THERE ARE NO POWER ISSUES...
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    As any one who uses Nye oils knows the cost of this product has soared dramaticaly.Ronell Clock Company ( has this stuff and is selling it at pre scyrockiting prices. They are buying it in 5 gallon buckets and botteling it them selves to keep the prices reasonable. 1 oz is...
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    Aquestion about bushing wire (bushing tube)

    Can you use the product to make new bushings? Is the center of the ID the same as the OD?I am working on a E.N.Welch movement. Every bushing needes to be repaired.The plate thickniss is twick-n-tween the bushing thickness that I have in stock. Can I use this product , or do I just need to make...
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    Western Union

    Hello to all. Today I am working on a Western Union Self Winding Clock. Repairs will be on the ordenary side. However I am in need of a source of a part. I need the spring/contact that moves the paw up to ingage the grate wheel . There are two of these parts one in frunt and one in back . The...
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    Coil springs?????????

    I am working on an old German Bim Bam, and i need to replace the hammer return springs and the compresion springs on the fly. I know TS has an assortment, but I dought it will have what i need. Is there a retail supplier out there some where? I do have some brass spring wire, but even the...
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    the un-sync-able Kieninger

    Hello to all, today I am working on a Kieninger KSU. It all went back together with no problem and every thing workes as it should. Just about to send it home and realized that the auto sync on the time side was not working. When the minet hand and the 1/4 cam are out of sync it will not...
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    US cleaning and springs

    Does us cleaning harm springs? if so , how? What about other springs such as suspention springs or coil return springs for hamers and such?
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    Working on a Fashion Calander Clock

    Hello to all . I am working on a Fashion Calander Clock that was damaged in the april 27 tornado here in Alabama. I have repaired the case , glass and overhauled the movement. The Dail House is re papering the upper and lower dials. This thing is going to look nice. I need to repaper the...
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    Seth Thomas main springs

    Today I am working on a Seth Thomas Fashon Calendar Clock. The springs are shot. Cant find anything close in the catalogs. The springs are 3/4 x .023 x 100 or more inches long. Can some one sugest a sub , or is there some one who can make custom springs ? When these springs are fully at...
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    1000 day ?s

    Today I have in for repair a Schatz and sons 54 1000 day clock. It came to me with a busted sus spring measuring 0.0023". I cannot find any information about this movement in the 400 day book , so I built a new spring using a 0.0023" replacement. Well , it is running about 1 hour a day slow...
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    proper Waterbury m/spring size

    Hello to all. Today I have in the shop a waterbury kitchen clock, which is labeled Waterbury Clock Co. 5 3/8 in. In its last repair some one replaced the springs with standard 3/4 in springs. The springs have been scrubing the inside of the back plate very hard, the springs them selves are also...
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    repivoting question ??

    What is the best way to find the center of an arbor using a graver? I have not been able to do this. I always wind up with a cone in the center, I am set up to use a center drill in the tail stock ,useing a steady rest as needed. It would be faster pick up the graver and "just do it"...
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    Chauncey Jerome and springs

    Hello to all. I am working on a chauncey jerome steeple clock which I believe began life as a 30 hr movement. Some where along the way someone tryed to turn it into an 8 day ticker.The springs are very thick and stiff and over 100 inches long,causing much damage. I have looked every where I...
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    wheel cutting ???

    I am in need of cutting a new wheel. Doing the math the "M" equals 5.75. The set of cutters that I have has a 5.5 and a 6,0. Of the two which would be the best to use or do I need to get another cutter? If it needs to be that close then it would be better for me to send off to another shop...
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    1840s uk tall case clock needs a new pivot

    I have in for repair a 1840s (??) tall case clock , it is in fairley good shape. It needs me to repace a pivot (which could be turned down), if I turn it diwn then I will have to bush it .A new pivot would be an unseen repair.. Which would you do ? and also are the arbors on these clocks...
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    Electric clock parts???

    Hello to all again,, I am trying to repair a verry nice, old, electric clock and i am needing an "h" type roter . In the Time Savers cataloge it is part #29370, but they have none left and dont have any way to resupply. Does any one out there have any idea where they may be purchaced?? thanks...

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