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    Your Newest Clock Acquisition

    Hello, I have collected Kroeber clocks for over 30 years. This Plush Plaque No. 1 is the newest one. Cordially, Carl
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    Ansonia Collectors I need your help

    Hello all, I am seeking the bob used on the "Renaisannce" 8 day model for possible purchase or if not for sale a mold could be made of your bob for casting a reproduction. Feel free to contact me by phone 610-275-5246 or email Thank you in advance for any reply...
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    Ansonia Bob Needed

    Hello, Does anyone have an Ansonia bob like this for sale? If not, does anyone have the bob from which a rubber mold could be made enabling the casting of it? Contact me by phone: 610-275-5246 or email: Thanks in advance for any help. Cordially and Hopefully, Carl...
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    French Movement ID needed

    Hello All, I am servicing a French Bronze clock with A.H. and number 1683 on the rear plate. Client would like to know maker but I have had no success in finding the maker's name. If anyone can identify the maker from this information please feel free to contact me by email...
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    Kroeber Alarm

    Hello, I recently added this Plush Plaque No. 1 Alarm to my Kroeber collection. The dial is porcelain and the 10.5" case is fitted with an easel stand. Thirty hour rear-wind movement. Carl
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    Acquired this Kroeber recently

    Hello All, This week I added Kroeber, Plush Plaque No. 1 @1884, to my collection. Tran's Kroeber Clocks shows it on page 65, #73.
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    Twinface clock

    Hello all, I have acquired a 4.5" square black and chrome case on maroon base electric clock that has a dial listing it as a Twinface clock. It has a lever on the side of the case which I am assuming needs to be activated to start the clock. While I cannot send photos a picture of the clock...
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    American Hoge Electric clock

    Anyone out there ever see or hear of a Hoge Electric clock. Can't do photos but the 8 3/4" hexagonal mahogany case has a 5 1/4" dial bearing Arabic chapters. Painted metal dial is signed Hoge Electric under hand arbor and the chapter ring bottom surround says Hoge Mfg. Co. New York. Thank...
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    American Mastercrafters Model 191

    Hello all, Can anyone tell me how to set the dial so the world locations reflect the time compared to my local time? Thank you in advance for your reply. Cordially, Carl
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    Advertising Clock

    Hello All, Anyone ever see an electric advertising clock with a Peter Piper Beverages Logo or have any information about the Newark and New Brunswick, NJ company? Cordially, Carl
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    American American Kitchen Style clock

    Hello, Which American clock company produced the kitchen style clock that had removeable and interchangeable case tops held by a metal clamp instead of screws? Feel free to email to as well as respond to the site. Thanks in advance for your reply. Carl
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    Self Winding clock

    Hello All. I am seeking a competent repairman for self winding clocks in the Princeton, NJ area. If you can recommend one send me a email to: Thanks in advance for your reply. Cordially, Carl
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    American Kroeber California Model

    Hello All, I am still interested in learning the name of the statue used on Kroeber's California model (see Tran's Kroeber Clocks, pp. 219 or 220). If anyone knows it or the location of the original statue you may email me at: Thanks. Cordially, Carl
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    Kroeber Statue Name

    Hello all, Does anyone know the name of the statue used on Kroeber's "California" model? Thanks in advance for any replies. Email accepted at: Cordially, Carl
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    Seth Thomas No. 89Y movement

    Hello all, Does anyone know the Seth Thomas No. 89Y movement and in which model clock it was used? Since I do not check regularly for responses and may miss any replies I would welcome a direct contact at: as well as a posting for others on the site. Cordially, Carl
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    Clockmaker named I. Powl

    Hello, I am interested in knowing about a clockmaker named I. Powl. I believe he may have been an active maker in PA during 1900-1910 and made dwarf tall case clocks. Please contact me by email if you have any information. Thanks. Cordially, Carl
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    Heirloom Clocks

    Hello all, Tran's Waterbury Book notes that the Leipsic model was produced in an oak case. Ehrhardt's Third Edition to Antique Clocks says that walnut may have been used in the Leipsic production. Has anyone seen this model in any wood other than oak or know of a source indicating other than...
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    Baird Clock Question

    Hello all, A friend has recently acquired a Vanner & Prest's Molliscorium Baird clock. I have consulted Jerry Maltz's book and did not find any reference to the company name stamped on the front plate of the movement or any movements in the book like the one in the friend's clock. There are...
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    Chelsea grandmother case pictures

    Hi, Can anyone post pictures of grandmother size tall case clocks with a Chelsea movement and info on same? Thanks for your reply. Heirloom Clocks
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    Junghans Swinger Book and CD

    Can anyone tell me how to obtain the book and CD on Junghans Swinger clocks? Carl

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