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    Mauthe clock winding time spring barrel question

    IT looks to me to be a stop lock gear, this would stop the winding of the spring just befor it is wound all the way and also stop the unwinding just befor the spring is compleatly wound down. If not set corectly it will not wind all the way up or stop the clock befor it is wound down , say...
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    herschede mainspring

    what is your zip code, maby I can turn you on to a Howard Miller Service Center,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,TTD
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    What can I do with a faulty pinion?

    A new arbor and pinion can be cut for not a lot of money. several people around this MB can do this for you ............TTD
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    Needing help with uw 030 stop locks

    It worked. I did the 3/4 turn and it locked anout 3 inches from the seat board but did not lock at the bottom. Did a one full turn and it locks up just below the seat board an now locks up with out landing on th floor of the clock.. Thanks to all.....................TTD
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    Needing help with uw 030 stop locks

    Willie , I believe this to be an older movement, about 30 yrs old. If it matters it is 52 inches from the seat board to the bottom of the pulley.. I have not yet attempted this new adjustement. but will do so this morning.........TTD
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    Needing help with uw 030 stop locks

    I am finishing up with an Urgos 030 and I am having trouble with the stop locks . Every time I think I have it fixed , it fails . Does any one out there have a diagram of this system? I need to see the up stop and the down stop. with that I can send the baby back home.. thanks ..........TTD
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    Keininger Second Hand won't turn.

    Call Black Forest Imports at 866 282-9115. I dont see that part in the catalog ,however they have a stockpile ov parts that are not invertoryed....................TTD
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    NAWCC school

    Is there any good news about the school closing?
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    Source For "Coca-Cola" Glass or Transfer

    Randy, contact Tom Moberg 989 723-3112 2323 Vandekarr road Owosso Mi I have used this guy several times, he will use your old glass if you send it to him. I sent him a broken Regulator glass , about 8 in by 9 in,it cost me...
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    Synchronise chimes?

    What can you say when its all been said................TTD
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    Source For "Coca-Cola" Glass or Transfer

    randy, would you rather have the glass reverse painted? If so I can give you the name of a guy who does good work................TTD
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    strike timing advice needed

    Hello MM, try turning the hand over, someone may have bent it in the past as an adjustment, Otherwise you may have a J hook on the center arbor of the movement which may need some adjustment. The J hook determins when lifting lever drops to begin the strike. good luck and talk to...
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    Tamura Lumitime Clock Repair

    return to the sign on screen and it is the last sub tital under the clock section
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    Things that make you wonder "what just hapened here"

    cashed the check friday adernoon, havnot been contacted by the bank yet,,, fingers are still crossed.............TTD
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    What do I look for

    Hello Jim, be carefull with your head-- its the only one you have. Check the motion works on thf frunt of the movement for a burr or bent tooth .Other than loosing power in the time train,, not much else.The motion works is the only wheel that rotates onec every hr.good luck and talk to...
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    who does reverse painting here in the south east USA

    Just looking for a source.I have several customers that need some help. thanls ..............TTD
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    Things that make you wonder "what just hapened here"

    Wensday at about 10am I got a call from a little old lady about her clock not striking correctly.I arived at her home about 1pm.Tclock is a 10 yr old Howard Miller gf with all the bells and whistles, at first the clock seemed to be working fine ,then sometimes it would not strike all of its...
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    Prentiss Calendar clock

    John ,here is a name to try, he is a Howard Miller service center , he may be able to help you or refer you to someone who can. Falls Churck Clockworks 988 n Roosevelt St Falls Church va 22046 703 563-6731 I dont have any first hand knowlage of this movement , so any way here is a place to...
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    Prentiss Calendar clock

    Hello John,remove the dial and see what is not turning, check the pin on the 24 hr wheel on the calendar part of the movement. Something is eather not turning or being advanced. How about some pics? What is your zip code? With that I can find someone close to you...........good luck...TTD
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    Set beat on a seth thomas #113 mvmnt

    Clocks Americana 860 N Main ST Orange Ca 92868 714 997-0923 These folks are a Howard Miller service center, they are within 5 miles of you and should be able to help ypu with what you need.. Good luck..........TTD

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