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    Proper dial and hands for a 1913 Waltham Vanguard 23j 16s

    Hi, I’d like to try and find the correct dial and hands for my 1913 Waltham Vanguard 23j 16s. Trying to figure it out from google searches is confusing. Thank you in advance.
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    Waltham Vanguard case question

    Hi, I bought a 1901 Waltham Vanguard 16s 23 jewel pocket watch, thinking the case was from a later date. It's a Keystone, with the number 7059267. While checking out other cases, I found another Keystone, number 7782991 that has a date of Nov. 07 engraved inThe case. My question, could the...
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    Great Uncles Ball Railroad Pocket Watch

    Hi, Thought I’d share my great uncles pocket watch he gave my father in 1960 for his 18th birthday. He was an engineer for the Chicago & Northwestern R.R. From 1907 to 1953, working the line that shipped coal for the company in central IL. It was sitting in a small box in rough shape. The...
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    This case green or white gold?

    Sorry if this is a stupid question, but is this Illinois case green or white gold?
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    Need help, correct dial on a 1924 Illinois Bunn Special?

    Hi, I had a pocket watch serviced by a nice older fellow a week back. I told him I was looking for an Illinois Bunn, he showed me one he's had for a long time. It has this same dial as the link below, except his has a Montgomery dial. Would this be a correct dial for a 1924-25 era Illinois...
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    1939 Hamilton 992E in like new condition

    Bought this off ebay for $149, buy it now. Very nice condition. No brass showing, dial is beautiful, just a few very light dents on the back. This is my third railroad watch.
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    American PW Can I make a stem set case into lever set?

    I have a Illinois Elgin Tivoli case that doesn't have a movement. I do have a Ball that could use a nice case. Is it possible to file a notch to allow the lever to be set in the Illinois case? I'm a novice, so any info would be very appreciated!
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    American PW what size opening for a Ball Waltham minute hand?

    Would anyone know the dimension of the hole in the minute hand of a Ball Waltham? Would 1.25 mm work? Thank you for the help.
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    American PW Ball Hands question

    I have a 1905 Ball Waltham that needs hands. Would the hands off a 1915 Ball Hamilton work? Thank you and I'm sorry if this was a stupid question in advance.
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    American PW How to take dial off, Illinois Whippet

    Hi, I want to have my dial redone on my Illinois wrist watch. Could someone explain how to remove the dial? Thank you in advance!
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    What do I have? Grandpa's old wrist watch

    Hi, this is my grandfathers old watch. I had it cleaned and lubed a few years back, so it is running. The stem is loose. The serial # is 5365450, it has 17 jewels and is model 307. Case is made by Star, 14K filled. The hands have burnt dark spots on the face, can they somehow be removed, or...
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    Info regarding Hamilton Bar over Crown Star company case

    I have a Hamilton 992 that came with a plain metal case, so I was looking for a nice gold filled one. I bought this one today, a Star Company 10K gold filled bar over crown. What can the experts tell me about this one? Did I make a mistake, i know Wadsworth made most of them. Her is a link to...
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    Correct hands on this Hamilton 992 from 1914?

    Would the baton hands on this 1914 Hamilton 992 be correct, or were the the thin spade hands the only correct choice? Thank you for the help.
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    Waltham Ball info needed

    Hello, my father inherited his uncles railroad pocket watch back in the 1960s and I'd like to know more about it. It is a Waltham Ball serial number B206416 with 21 jewels. The case is a Keystone JBoss 25 years. I've included some photo's. I'm trying to gather all the info I can about my great...

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