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  1. woodlawndon

    Hiding glass cracks?

    I have a 12" dial clock with a cracked glass dial door. The glass is curved. The entire glass is intact and I have no worries about its stability or it falling out but the crack is quite noticeable when looking straight on. I was just wondering if anyone had any suggestions for products or...
  2. woodlawndon

    Best method to set up fusee during reassembly?

    I am reassembling a fusee movement on an early dial clock and not being experienced in this type I am wondering the best method to set up. What I mean is: do you wrap all the chain around the fusee barrel or the spring barrel while it's let down? Or is there another method such as a couple of...
  3. woodlawndon

    Frrench black slate/marble restored with Slate Blackening

    As I was researching I saw many questions about restoring dull, grey French slate (or is it marble?) but very few pictures of completed projects. Just thought I would share my results using Slate Blacking and Rub 'N Buff. End result, I was very pleased with the Slate Blacking, it worked well...
  4. woodlawndon

    Seth Thomas Office #1

    I picked up this ST time & strike Office #1 recently at auction, I believe this style dates to circa 1875. The movement is a #44 and is stamped Thomaston. I enjoyed working on this movement, very robust and is proving to be a very accurate timekeeper so far. The dial is a painted tin...
  5. woodlawndon

    Help with Joker style alarm

    I'm working on an unmarked Joker style carriage alarm clock. I have the time working well and the alarm will play when I wind it but I'm having difficulty with the levers to set the alarm. It's the first one of this type I've worked on but I'm guessing that the alarm is set when the brass...
  6. woodlawndon

    J & W Mitchell, Glasgow dial clock

    This is a 12 inch fusee dial clock made by John & William Mitchell of Glasgow. I haven't been able to find out much about these makers except some images of longcase clocks on the web. From my reference book, English Dial Clocks by Ronald E Rose, the pillar style was used in 1820 and the hands...
  7. woodlawndon

    EN Welch dial clock - Anglo American?

    I picked up this EN Welch 12 inch dial clock recently and I'm a little unsure of what it is. The movement is an elongated model of which I haven't seen before and has a patent stamp of Aug 30, 1870. It has an Anglo American look to it but I'm not sure if Welch was involved in these models...
  8. woodlawndon

    1934 Kundo

    I've posted this clock before and John Hubby was kind enough to identify it for me. I finally spent some time giving it some attention and a good cleaning. The brass plate on the bottom is a full 5 mm thick and weighs a good amount, they sure don't make them like that anymore. Happy to say...
  9. woodlawndon

    Courtlandt St, NY - What was happening there?

    I have a couple of clocks, different manufacturers, that have Courtlandt St addresses on their labels. I have come across clocks from several makers (Johnson, Seth Thomas, Welch) that have the same (or similar) cases, tablets, alarms, etc. with Courtlandt affiliation. I'd like to research a...
  10. woodlawndon

    Seth Thomas strikes at 3 mintes to or on the hour

    I am working on a Seth Thomas lyre movement. It went well and is operating nicely but I have a weird issue I haven't seen before. The clock will strike the hour at either exactly 3 minutes to the top of the hour or exactly at the top of the hour. It's random when this happens. I didn't...
  11. woodlawndon

    Dirtiest movement competition?

    I picked up a Kroeber mantel clock that was literally a barn find. From the condition of the case and movement I suspect it was subject to a fire in its past. I didn't need it but I figured it needed me. It's an Ansonia, looking forward to the challenge. Where does this one rank among the...
  12. woodlawndon

    The sound of 32 clocks ticking

    I was reading a book in my living room the other evening and realized how loud the ticking actually is. Bet you can all hear the one that's out of beat, right? Mostly I'm just trying to embed a You tube video as I haven't done it before. Don
  13. woodlawndon

    Trillium season = black fly season

    Man the black flies are fierce this year, apparently a slow down of human behaviour has made them thrive.
  14. woodlawndon

    Bushing a verge saddle

    I have a post-mounted verge from a Sessions calendar clock. The saddle holes are quite worn and I'd like to rebush. I did a forum search and there are those that said they have done it but didn't explain how they performed the drilling and friction fitting the bushing. Because the brass is so...
  15. woodlawndon

    Seth Thomas fly repair, strike too fast

    I am working on an 89 AL ST movement. The clock is my own, it was quite worn when I got it and needed a good cleaning and several bushings. It is running well now but the strike is much too fast, not like a ST at all. The fly has had the tension strips on the fly removed, I suspect from a...
  16. woodlawndon

    Ansonia Dresden, American Wringer Co. porcelain

    There have been several different brands and models posted here and in The Bulletin describing clocks branded for the American Wringer Co. It appears that they were located at the 99 Chambers Street New York location from 1895-1905. It has been speculated that clocks like this Ansonia Dresden...
  17. woodlawndon

    14-day HAC time & strike mantel

    Picked this one up recently, my estimate is that it is circa 1900. The only HAC of this style I have been able to find on the internet had all the wood painted black. If this one was originally black, a previous owner must have spent a long time removing it, there is little evidence that was...
  18. woodlawndon

    Count wheel set-up on HAC 14 day

    I've just serviced a HAC 14 day time and strike. It has the type of count wheel with space for both hourly strike and half hour strike in each notch. By that I mean it will strike the hours, stop in the same slot then strike the half where it ends up at the end of the notch, first time I've...
  19. woodlawndon

    Jacot Pendulum repair

    This is the second Jacot I have come across, fortunately the first one was working perfectly and just needed cleaning. This one from a New Haven shelf clock is in a little rough shape. The cord inside is broken and I can't quite figure out how a new one would be attached. I am assuming that...
  20. woodlawndon

    Anything you can tell me about this Elgin?

    Hi folks. I'm a clock guy and spend most of my time on the other side, I'm still very, very green with watches, but I hope to get there. A buddy of mine gave me this Elgin to have a look at and find out anything I can about it. It appears to be a silver case with a makers mark on the rear but...

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