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    Striking wooden bracket clock but no idea of maker, 30s or 40s

    The face has no makers marks but is made of tin/metal, to the movement it only has "15CM" on it to the bottom right. Strikes hourly ad half hourly. Any ideas?
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    Very small HAC mantle clock, age?

    A new aquisition for me from HAC, it is very small but already a favourite. It measures only 14.5cm x 10cm and the clock face is unmarked. The reverse plate is nouveau in appearance and has the crossed arrows of HAC. The base has a plaque which has the following "HAC MAKE - MADE IN WUTTEMBERG"...
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    Cuckoo clock Germany - 70's?

    Cuckoo clock from Germany, unsure of age but think it may be 70's?
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    Urgos - Art Deco Westminster Chime

    A great clock which has a wonderful mellow chime. Has the Urgos mark behind the pendulum and also has the number 13 to the lower right of the plate. Can we date the movemement and case?
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    Ansonia "Tivoli",a touch of the Bavarian

    A really nice clock under the Germanic/Bavarian influence. Arrived today and so far keeping great time. 8 day hourly and half hourly strike...
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    Beautiful HAC "Bugler" alarm mantle clock

    As a novice to the world of clocks, this type of clock I had not seen or heard of before and so could not resist buying it. Is there any detailed information about them or dates of production available? Thanks in advance
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    It will not stop chiming at 1 o'clock, AHHH!

    The clock I have in the thread is great, keeps great time and strikes perfectly at every quarter hour as it should until it gets to one o'clock when it will not stop chiming! I have run it through twice from 7 o'clock perfectly, but both times, at the...
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    Ansonia "Turkey" 8 day

    Arrived today and looks amazing :bigsmile:
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    Anchor with TH on movement - Mahogany?

    I wonder if anyone could tell me anything about the maker etc of the clock below, I think it is a mahogany? case. The movement has "Eintragene Fabrikmarke", beneath is an Anchor with "TH" within it and also the number 286 below the anchor. It strikes on the hour and each quarter of an hour hour...
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    French movement but who is it?

    I would like, if possible, to identify this clock maker. Their emblem is a bird in flight carrying what looks like the letters V and B, I think it is French. Any pointers appreciated.
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    French art deco with figures

    Found this today, not everyones cup of tea with the green (onyx?). I am guessing it is French but the metal dog has a signature on it that I tried to research but so far have drawn a blank but found a German clock online with exactly the same brass face. The movement is not marked and so assume...
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    Wurtemburg wooden alarm

    A nice, if a little cranky looking Alarm clock "Made in Wurtemburg" to the back. I have never seen one like this before and wondered if anyone had any info about it, its possible age and its maker.
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    Sewill, Liverpool & Paris - Vincenti

    First post, so be gentle :-) Dial signed "Sewill, Liverpool & Paris". The movement is "Vincenti". Any idea of age, quality and value (aprox'ish) Thanks in advance

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