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    Chime rod broken, how to replace

    As you can see in one of the photos, on of the chime rods has broken off. I have not seen this type of chime rod before and do not know how to remove the top end. Also, how can one get replacements. Thanks for you answers.
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    Help with French round movement

    I am working on the attached French round movement that goes into a Portico clock. I disassembled and cleaned. Reassembled and oiled. The clock will not keep running. I have set it on a test stand, set the beat and started the pendulum. The pendulum slowly decreases in swing and stops. It will...
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    Large ST Grandfather-Request Info

    Today I was called to service a large grandfather clock in a home that was built in 1874 and has always been in the same family. The house is a designated historical structure in Little Rock, Ar. The clock is about 7 to 7 1/2 feet tall. The weights hang from ladder chains. The movement (with...
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    French Information requested

    This clock just came into my shop and I do not know much about it. Requesting information.
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    Winding Arbor Question

    I service grandfather clocks in the owner's home. As shown in the attached photo I sometimes see a spoked wheel under the winding arbor and next to it and interfacing with the winding arbor. But these do not seem to do anything. Why are they there and what is their purpose?
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    Not brass plates

    Got the below pictured clock in for service. It is 36 inches tall. I had expected to see a movement with brass plates. Does anyone know the maker and approx. date of manufacture?
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    Wood plate clock

    I am servicing this clock. Never seen one like this. What is it? Who made it? When and where?
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    Help ID clock

    I am servicing this small, but interesting clock. See pictures. Who is the maker and what is the style of this clock. Note the writing on back of face dated 1890.
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    Help with Wood Movement Tall Case Clock

    l do a lot of grandfather clock service, but rarely see a wood movement clock. This clock was purchased in New Hampshire in 1980 and was represented as a Connecticut clock. Please help with ID of maker, period and place of manufacture.
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    One of a Kind ?

    I service tall case clocks and came upon this clock which the owner inherited. She says it was handmade in America by a distant relative. I have included several pictures. To me the movement looked hand made, not factory made. The case is about 9 feet tall and is made/assembled in 3 sections...
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    Painted face flaking

    Is there a good way to stop paint from flaking off old painted clock faces?
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    Cuckoo Question

    I have worked on a lot of cuckoo clocks and have never seen the 2 wires in the bottom corners in the picture below and have never seen the cuckoo actuator levers linked together as in the other picture. Does anyone have experience with this and help explain this?
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    Age of Cuckoo

    I have thought that cuckoo clocks that have side doors as shown in the picture are older than the ones that do not have side doors or fake doors. Is this correct? Is there means of estimating age of cuckoo clocks?
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    Never seen this Waterbury movement

    I came across a Waterbury Tambour with an unusual movement. It has 3 plates. See pictures attached. Does anyone have information on this movement?
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    Winding Arbor Offset

    What is the reason for this type of winding arbor design?
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    Waterbury movement in Banjo

    In the below which comes from Waterbury clocks by TRan Duy Ly, 1989, does the "1923" indicate that date that this movement would have been introduced into Waterbury clocks?
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    Count Wheel in Junghans

    I wanted to share with you an interesting thing I found today. A count wheel in a Junghans movement, something I have never seen in a German movement. Has anyone ever seen this and is so, what info can you share. See pics.
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    What is this trademark

    Can anyone know this trademark?
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    Tempus fugit grandfather pendulum

    A client has a Tempus Fugit grandfather clock. The body is 10 inches wide. It currently has a wood pendulum rod with a bob that is approximately 4-5 inches in diameter. The client want a Lyre type pendulum. The smallest bob diameter for these is 6 1/2 inches. My question... Should this clock...
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    German Need some info

    Just received this nice, 79 inch tall German tall case clock to restore. It is missing the 3 weights and the pendulum. Does anyone have a photo of what they should look like? Also info as to the maker and date would be appreciated. Looking at the back, should the pendulum hang from the...

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