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    Clock Identification Help

    Hello everyone. I am looking for help in identifying a clock I recently acquired. It appears to be some sort of electric master clock in a nice wooden case but has no makers name on either the case or movement. I believe it to be of English or possibly French origin. It is missing a pendulum...
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    Clock Plate thickness

    I am currently making a clock and am using 6mm thick engraving brass for the plates as I could not locate any 3\16" stock. I am curious if this is this advisable or is it best to machine the thickness down? Am I likely to encounter any problems if the plates are left at 6mm? Any input appreciated
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    Dutch Clock Pendulum Issues

    Hi everyone, I have attached a short youtube video link I am struggling to set up the beat and it looks to me like the suspension spring / pendulum etc is maybe not original to the clock and I was wondering if anyone can advise me as to how it should be set up or show me photos of an...
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    Striking Clock Issues

    Hi all. I have a mantle clock with a striking issue. It ticks and keeps time OK but as it approaches the hour and goes into warning it locks up and stops ticking. If I move the minute hand forwards to the hour it goes through its striking motion and begins ticking again fine up to the same point...
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    Clock keeps stopping

    Hi everyone. I had this clock running just fine apart from the striking which thanks to forum members I managed to sort out and the striking is perfect now but........... for some reason the clcok will only run for a few minutes before coming to a stop. What I have noticed is that each time it...
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    Strike Problem on wall clock

    Hi everyone, I have a problem with the striking on this wall clock. I have included some photos and a short video. The video shows the striking but this is when the clock is laid flat. Once the clock is vertical and mounted on the wall then the strike hammer just does not seem to remain in its...
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    Swiss Platform Escapement

    I have just purchased a brand new Swiss made platform escapement and have a slight dilemma. The pinion "guard" is at 90 degrees to what is required on the clock it is to be mounted in. My question is this. Can it be rotated through the 90 degrees to allow the pinion to mesh with the wheel or...
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    30 Day President Clock Chiming Problems

    Hi everyone, I am having great difficulties in setting up the chiming on a President 30 day clock (Korean made) The Timing side is absolutely fine but for some reason the chiming is continual and will not stop unless I "force" it to. Can anyone assist me in what to be looking for with this...
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    Unknown clock problem

    Hi everyone, I have attached some photos of a bracket clock from 1916 which appears to have a french striking movement which is causing me problems. Initially the striking would run continually until the spring ran down, now after some adjustments the clock sets up to strike a few minutes before...
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    Platform escapement French Clock

    Hi everyone. I have a French clock with a platform escapement that would only run for a minute or two and then stop. I have cleaned it and re oiled it and without the escapement it runs down on the spring just fine. It also runs for over a week without a problem however when I reassemble it in...
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    Help needed on a Seiko chiming clock

    Hi everyone, I am trying to repair a clock which is a Seiko SKHS PQ806B-1 movement. essentialy a quartz battery operated chiming movement with a kind of escapement powered by a magnetic impulse pendulum? My problem is the person who owns the clock had already tinkered with it and I do not know...
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    IBM Master Clock

    I was wondering if anyone can assist me in locating a new mainspring for an IBM Master clock? The clock in question is I think a 1952 model and the spring is 1\4" wide. These may or not be available nowadays but someone may know of a supplier of them or an alternative type I could use to get the...
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    Unknown clock Need help

    I have been asked to repair a clock with several parts missing and would like some assistance if anyone can help? I have attached some photos of the clock in question and apart of the numbers on the rear of the movement there is no makers name which suggests to me its a possible far eastern...
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    Thwaites & Reed

    I was wondering if anyone can share any information on this Thwaites & Reed clock. I have never seen one like it before. The whole dial casing is lifted to the top on a geared rack and it looks like that winds it up and then as time passes by it falls to the bottom when once again it needs...
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    Floating Balance Escapement Problem

    I was wondering if anyone can assist me in what to look for to correct a problem with a floating balance escapement that will run for say up to 30 seconds then stop. The spring is wound and all was well with the clock until it developed this fault. I have attached a short video to see if anyone...
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    Mantle Clock Information

    Can anyone shed any light on this mantle clock. I was told it was made for the Great Exhibition in Paris in 1889 but know nothing more about it. Thanks in anticipation.
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    Clock Information

    Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone could assist me with information relating to the clock in the attached photo please? It has a marking of F. Mauthe but I know very little else about it, Thanks,
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    English Long Case Clock Adjustment

    Hi everyone, I am after some advice on adjusting a English longcase clock. It is a triple train quarter chiming and striking movement. The problem being that it appears to striking 2 minutes early but the quarter chimes and the hourly strikes are all fine as they should be. The hour hand seems...
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    Smiths Grasshopper Skeleton Clock

    Hi everybody. I am after some help and advice with a problem I have with the Grasshopper Skeleton Clock I have just "completed". My problem is this. The clock is ticking away merrily inside its glass dome and all appeared fine until the table that it is placed on got slightly knocked and the...
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    Gear Wheel Design Software

    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if anyone has purchased or used a software program called Gear Wheel Design by DelphUSA? It is for generating wheels etc cheers, Jeff

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