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    Another Estate Sale Find

    Picked this two weight at an estate sale the other week. Was told it didn’t work. While taking it apart I noticed that all the screws on the movement were loose. After cleaning the movement and reassembling the movement put it on my test stand and it worked fine. I cleaned the case and you can...
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    Whose Trademark?

    I acquired a vennia regulator 2 weight wall the other day and when looking to see who the maker of the movement was all I could find was the attached photo of a maker’s mark. I tried looking it up in Mikrolisk trademark index and couldn’t find it in there. Does anyone know whose trademark this...
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    Hole end main spring

    Is there a calculator to determine the length of the main spring? Best Regards
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    What could be wrong?

    I decided to clean an old 2 weight movement I had. After I took it apart, I put the plates in my ultrasonic cleaner in which I use Deox-007 cleaner. These parts cleaned up nicely. I then put the time gear train into the cleaner, and they came out looking horrible as you can see in the picture. I...
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    Hour advance

    I just purchased a Vienna regulator and have it setup on my test stand. My question is when does the snail wheel advance to the next hour? The one on the test stand advances just after the hour. I would think it should advance just before the arming for the next hour strike. Best Regards
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    Case door with cracks

    The case door has two large cracks, 1 on top and directly below on the bottom, 2 a small one on the other side of the top. What can i do to make them presentable?
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    My Newest investment

    I found this case with the no name grand sonnorie movement, pendulum and weights at an estate sale. I have several questions, 1. When was it made? 2. It has two big shrinkage cracks, and I would like to know if there is anything I can do to make then go away or do I just leave them. it is also...
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    Old Case?

    Hi everyone, I need your help. I rescued the clock in the picture from Craigslist I could see the case had potential. The previous owner had gutted the movement and mount and installed a battery operated movement and pendulum. I would like to know more about this case so I’ve attached several...
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    E.N.Welch 30 hr Ogee

    Hi, I’m new to this forum. I have an E N Welch 30 hour Ogee and would like to know what if anything was use to finish the inside of the case. Best Regards

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