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    horolovar 400 day anniversary clock repair

    Are there diagrams with dimensions to fit a new suspension spring to the early 1904 Gustav Becker 400 day clock?
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    Eureka Eureka

    Does anyone know why the 3 ball bearing clocks have banking pins, Shenton states with the 2 ball to stop the balls jamming in the plate? My interpretation is to limit the radial travel but with 3 balls I am at a loss to understand why? Also the pins create friction on the balls.
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    Haller and Benzing ATO Clocks.

    Does anyone have an oak cased wall clock example with twin coils? I want to see the case back and the distance wall adjusting brackets/screws?
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    ATO ATO 1/2 second clock

    I have an oak cased ATO wall clock with a pendulum with an adjusting ring, am I correct in saying to increase the timing you would turn the screw anti clockwise?
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    Bryson Edinburgh Clock, watches and scientific archives

    I am trying to find the sales materials or listings of the pieces the Bryson family made and sold when in business. In relation to an unusual large Aneroid Barometer which I am unable to locate any reference to. There must be something in the archives about the pieces they made but finding it is...
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    Early Gustav Becker 400 Day Torsion Clock Pendulum Balance

    What is the purpose of the small screws fitted to the 2 discs above the pendulum? The length is short of touching the posts?

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