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    "question-do you believe that switching is good for horology?"

    Anyone who does not think that there is something wrong with switching please look at this Ebay item and tell me if you would buy it or not. In fact please tell me what it is if you can. Would you even like to say it was yours?
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    845 Model 92 info

    Kent, What makes Jon do that?
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    845 Model 92 info

    Oops! Sorry. Stupidity on my part!
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    Cincinnati Time Clock

    Billy, I collect time recorders and I have one Cincinnati. I might be able to help you or tell where to go for help. You may email me at
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    Your Favorite clock

    I think my favorite is my E. Howard Keyhole clock. I will try to post a photo later but I will probably need help.
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    The Hamilton Lists - Which one is the final word ?

    Jeff, "There are fakers that make couterfeit watches that get "Counted"." Jeff please list the faked watches.
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    J.G. Hall Pocket watches?

    Jon Hanson collects these watches and is the resident expert on Early American Watches. You should contact him for more information. If you wuld like his contact information please email me privately at: You should also see his American Horologe Web Site at...
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    Favorite dials ...

    Yes Fred, that's the same one. I don't have any beautiful dials like the rest of you. Maybe someday I will.
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    Favorite dials ...

    Can anyone identify this 18s Private Label?
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    Favorite dials ...

    Jon The dial feet are at 0:59, 0:17 and 0:37
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    Favorite dials ...

    Jon, The dial is held by set screws.
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    Favorite dials ...

    That's what I want to know.
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    Favorite dials ...

    One more time. I just acquired this 18s Unsinged Dial. Can anyone help to identify it?
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    American PW Loose pinion NOT cannon on center wheel question

    LarFure, Is the threaded pinion not on Hamiltons? That's all I have noticed them on.
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    Mermod and Jaccard's Paragon Time-Keeper

    It appears that pram's email address is bogus.
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    American PW Loose pinion NOT cannon on center wheel question

    Luca, Loc-tite will probably work however I use a product called J B Weld which can be purchased at Home Depot or Lowes. It comes in different strengths. Just a small amount applied with a toothpick should do the trick.
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    Waterbury and New England Pocket Watches

    Scott, Give the NAWCC members over at web horology a try. I believe they can help you.
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    Glass crystal labels

    Jim, I have tried several things like Goo Gone and Windex, but I have had the best success when I soaked them in Polident. All I know is it works for me.
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    Why are we losing members???

    Robert G., How can the NAWCC help chapters when the NAWCC needs help itself?
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    Electric WW Hamilton Pacer electric 500

    This movement requires a 301 battery and it cannot be an Everyready. Insert the battery with the positive side down but make sure the contscts are clean first. Let me know if this helps.

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