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  1. DTSPatrick

    Post your Maximus Private Labels

    I had some free time this evening (my wife thinks this very dangerous). I started to tinker with my watches and it came to my attention after holding a private label Waltham Riverside Maximus that I haven’t seen too many other examples. How common/uncommon are PL RMs? Please post yours and add...
  2. DTSPatrick

    American Watch Case Company (A.W.C.Co.) trademark differences

    Does anybody know why the American Watch Case Company of New York alters their 14k trademark on different cases? Is there significance? 3 examples: 130k (12s), 210k (12s), 75k (0s) case serial numbers. Case mark spans many decades of production and many sizes. This trademark in my opinion...
  3. DTSPatrick

    Waltham 1888 re-case & question.

    What am I doing wrong? I can’t seem to remove an 1888 movement from its case. I have two watches that I’m swapping cases — I loosened the screw (photo above) and was able to remove the stem easily for this movement; however, loosening the screw on the second movement isn’t releasing the stem...
  4. DTSPatrick

    Opinion: classic or modern hands?

    I’ve got a really amazing Waltham black enamel 0s dial and until now haven’t found a proper place for it. Finally found a little Os Maximus in an open face configuration that will make a suitable home. I’ve got a couple different hand sets and I think I know which way I’m leaning… But wanted...
  5. DTSPatrick

    Is this crystal original?

    I was lucky enough to get my hands on a rather scarce 10 size Colonial A 14k gold case which I placed an orphaned 10s Maximus A. However, the crystal on this case (to me) is just weird — like a giant bubble. Does anyone know if this is the original crystal? If not original, definitely tempted to...
  6. DTSPatrick

    Waltham 12s Bridge Grade Question

    I’m lucky enough to have three 12s Waltham Bridge Grade watches; 2 OF, 1 HC. One of the OF is most likely fully original —Hull dialsolid A.W.C.Co case (let’s call this Watch #1) Watch #2 is HC. Watch #3 is another OF. OK — Finally, the questions: I noticed all three movements have a...
  7. DTSPatrick

    Maximus 0s Dial — model 1891/1900?

    I was lucky enough to find a 0s Maximus dial on an incorrect movement. The dial has the “A.W.W.Co.” script at the 6 o’clock position unlike several other 0s RMs (all model 1900) I have. This got me thinking… Is this dial from a model 1891 0s RM? Does anyone have a model 1900 0s RM with the...
  8. DTSPatrick

    Solid gold case — heaviest cases?

    I just ran across a recent auction with a 12 size Waltham in a 14k Brooklyn Watch Case Co hunter case. The posting listed the weight as 85.8 GRAMS. The case was in decent shape… but, the photographs looked horrible due to color saturation, etc. Hard to make out the detail or the quality of the...
  9. DTSPatrick

    Maximus Script — An Observation

    While exploring old Waltham Riverside Maximus dials, I found a unique (to me) script. Has anyone seen this script before (circled in yellow)? This particular dial is from a 12s 10M serial watch — I’ve got older and newer model RM’s and none have this particular script (several other examples...
  10. DTSPatrick

    Research — Waltham Guilloche Dials

    I’ve recently become aware of a rather interesting and/or beautiful dial produced by Waltham — the dial appears to have a guilloche pattern with a transparent colored enamel coat. I’ve seen the dial in red and green (which I own), and blue. I’m not sure if other colors exist. I’ve seen the dial...
  11. DTSPatrick

    New Addition — Need Advice.

    Picked up a small grail watch today: Credor GCLL997. What a beauty — fresh from a factory service. I’m looking for a proper strap for such a watch. Any suggestions on fine strap maker that has a 20/18 strap for a deployment in a small wrist size. I’d rather not go custom at this point — hoping...
  12. DTSPatrick

    old mine cut diamonds -- origin? opinions?

    I've been looking for a home for a new 0s and 6s addition to the family and keep running across cases with diamonds installed. My question is... who installed these "old mine cut diamonds"? Was it common for the jewelry store that sold the item to sell them already "iced" or was it customary...
  13. DTSPatrick

    Case Marking?

    Is anybody familiar with this case maker/hallmark?
  14. DTSPatrick

    Mystery Watch — I hope someone bought this watch!

    Auction is over... discussion is fair game. Someone posted an “A.W Co 18k Pocket Watch” on a popular auction site. No branding to dial. Not familiar (to me) hallmark on case. (Pics below). I e-mailed the seller and he states unable to open the inner cover to expose movement. States it’s a...
  15. DTSPatrick

    Unknown Case Mark — “AB”

    Is anybody familiar with this company? Case is marked 18k on all lids. Only 1 lid has a probable company name — looks like “AB” to me.
  16. DTSPatrick

    18k?? hallmark

    Spotted this old Waltham from the overseas market. Case says “18k” and is beautiful; but not sure if it’s real or not. Anybody have any knowledge of this hallmark? No other hallmarks. Is that staining from being acid tested?
  17. DTSPatrick

    Hamilton 917 stem question

    As I mentioned in an earlier thread, a recent death in the family has led to lots of digging in old boxes. I found an Eagle Scout award/medal, a Navy officer’s sword, and something I was really looking for — my grandfather’s pocket watch from Packard. My grandfather lived to the age of 96 after...
  18. DTSPatrick

    NEEDED: an education on the Waltham model 1888

    As a long-time watch fan, old and reemerging fan of vintage pocket watches (particularly Waltham high-grade), I need some help figuring out a particular reference: the Waltham model 1888. Here's where my education needs some help. I've seen TONS of model 1888 spanning many grades in all sorts...
  19. DTSPatrick

    Waltham 18k hallmark

    Am I right to be suspicious of this hallmark? The Waltham is pretty standard and not suspicious; however, the 18k mark looks unlike any hallmark I’ve seen from Waltham. Has anybody seen a hallmark like this or is it a fake?
  20. DTSPatrick

    Waltham Maximus -- Correct Case?

    I must admit I'm finding myself especially interested in 12s Waltham Riverside Maximus pocket watches. I love the size (not too small), the quality movement, and the unique dial. Sadly, most of the movements I've found are orphaned and no case is present. I have a few questions: 1. What...

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