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  1. Carl Bergquist

    New Movement out of beat ?

    I have one auto-beat with a pendulum about 18 inches long and weight driven. If I wind the weight up while the clock is working the clock will stop. I must gently stop the pendulum, wind the weight, then gently start the pendulum. I will continue to have only one auto-beat.
  2. Carl Bergquist

    The end of a Vienna?

    I'm pretty sure the screws on one side gave out. The clock must have moved to the left judging by where the metal was sticking in the chair rail. I did hear only one noise and turned fast enough to see the final fall onto the face. Here are some of the parts with damage. I am going fishing in...
  3. Carl Bergquist

    The end of a Vienna?

    It was sticking in the chair rail about a quarter inch. I think the bottom finial took up a lot of the impact and saved the case a bit. If you look close at the back you can see a shadow of the steel plate that gave way, the case was hollowed out behind the plate for the finger of my hanger. I...
  4. Carl Bergquist

    The end of a Vienna?

    That's a good one Mike, I needed a good laugh. It is absolutely true I was watching a water tower in Iowa crash to the ground.
  5. Carl Bergquist

    The end of a Vienna?

    Last night as I was watching "Engineering Disasters" on TV I heard a noise and watched one of my three weight Vienna's slide down the wall, crash into the floor and fall face first into the floor. It was late and it looked pretty bad so I went to bed. Didn't sleep too well. The hanging...
  6. Carl Bergquist

    Head scratcher here....Need ID of make and such

    I have a couple of Ansonia movements with that "fancy" plate design. T.Cu has it right, the case is the "Virginia" dated 1904 in Tran's book. It could be purchased with several options including a statue. $72.50 in 1904 was at least a few months wages so it is not a common model. I don't think...
  7. Carl Bergquist

    Grandfather Clock Movement

    If you decide to go the build it yourself route (for the case) don't buy a kit. If you are a good enough woodworker to go this route be creative, show off your skills. Simple is sometimes more pleasing than elegant. Use walnut or cherry or your favorite hardwood. The only part that could be...
  8. Carl Bergquist

    2 out of 3 Chime Rods broke during move: Dufa spring-driven clock

    Page 25 in Timesavers new catalog. I have only had to do this a few times and trying to match or blend in to an existing set is difficult so I would replace all three. Almost all of the rods you buy are 6.5 mm thread so check your threads and buy a tap if you don't have that size. The matched...
  9. Carl Bergquist

    Membership Questions

    I found this thread because I was looking for a place to ask about the time lapse between joining and actually getting some type of membership card or number. Since I only joined about two weeks ago (I was a member for 15 or 20 years in the last century) I guess it will be a while. After reading...
  10. Carl Bergquist

    Help with strike mechanism

    I think Dan has the right idea. That pick up has to be between two of the star points, the tricky part is usually getting it set correctly so the star is not lifting when the strike is at rest because this can stop the train.
  11. Carl Bergquist

    Forum help

    Well, Lloyd, your question sure hits home with me. I was a member of NAWCC for 15 or 20 years. I belonged to Chapter 47 (Milwaukee) and certainly enjoyed the chapter 47 members and meetings. Then I attended the Midwest Regional in downtown Milwaukee and it was such a terrible experience for me...
  12. Carl Bergquist

    Post your MOVEMENT

    No help here, but a very nice project. Movement looks ok, face will need major work and the case looks very good. I hope your customer has the resources to do the job.
  13. Carl Bergquist

    Weight driven v spring driven?

    OK, I'm looking up isochronal.
  14. Carl Bergquist

    Learning path questions

    I just walked through a couple of "antique" malls and saw---A Seth Thomas time and strike for 23 dollars and a Sessions time and strike for 29 dollars--- You don't need to spend a lot for a fixer upper. Don't worry about the case. Both of these have the same basic structure and would make good...
  15. Carl Bergquist

    Truth or Myth

    I agree with all of the above and will add "what does he do with barrels?"
  16. Carl Bergquist

    Standing or seated?

    I stand for certain things, but like the others I have a nice tall stool for most chores.
  17. Carl Bergquist

    What have I got myself into?

    If it wasn't for the fact that I have so many cast iron Ansonias I probably would. They are great clocks but HEAVY, HEAVY and HEAVIER.
  18. Carl Bergquist

    What have I got myself into?

    I took Dave's route. I said that if they really like this one that I would spend some "time" with it. I know that I had to replace the spring in the back movement but the chime still runs slow even with that big spring. As Dick Feldman would advise, it needs a complete overhaul. I think there...
  19. Carl Bergquist

    What have I got myself into?

    While visiting in Denver a few weeks ago I made it known to some of the younger relatives that if they were interested in an old clock that they could pick any one of mine and they could have it. No takers. Much to my surprise yesterday one young couple said that they liked-----one of my Seth...
  20. Carl Bergquist

    F and S fine adjustment broke?

    Not to beat a dead horse, BUT what is required here is patience. You have had the clock less than a week. Some of the advice given earlier about giving the pendulum a slight tug after making an adjustment should be noted. The "chops" ( I like that terminology) if working perfectly slides up and...

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