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    EUREKA! What a find

    A very nice find. The Shenton book will be helpful. And if you look on Dave West's (UK) website you will find a restoration example, though not your particular model. Other sources of valuable information are: 1) This Forum has quite a lot of info. Just use the search facility. 2) The...
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    Reform Electromechanical 4VDC Movement Cannon Pinion

    Lester You should just be able to tap the centre arbor out of the cannon pinion. Obviously be very gentle. I think this option is less risky than trying to lever off the cannon pion and risk damaging the pinion leaves. The motion works vary with the Reform movement depending upon the size of...
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    Well done for getting there. True perseverance ! The numbers do look very odd to me. I can believe 1400 winds giving 700 Ohms. But I would have expected a further 1300 turns (total 2700) to have got you to around 1300-1400 Ohms. I don't think the soldering will be a problem if its a good...
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    Bulle Post Your Bulle-Clocks Here

    The coil wire builds on previous layers laid down. So you would definitely require fewer turns on a shorter length bobbin. I don't have the exact dimensions of the 2 types of bobbin. But looking at my clocks, I think the Clockette bobbin is around 19 mm long, whereas the Talle A longer bobbin...
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    ATO ATO Insulation problem

    Hi Russell Thanks for the pictures. This is the model with the rocker pins. The Fig 7 is measuring the current through the system with the battery in place. I find it easier to just measure the resistance (no battery in place). The coil on this model can be ca 1000 Ohms or possibly ca 3000...
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    ATO ATO Insulation problem

    Russell You should be able to remove the wires joined to the battery terminal block to check that each battery terminal is properly isolated. As you say there are some tiny washers inside the mounting holes that prevent the securing screws making electrical contact. I am assuming the movement...
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    Bulle Rare type of Bulle clock???

    Lovely clock. I have found a reference to it in what I believe is a US trade leaflet promoting Bulle clocks to the American market. Unfortunately the leaflet isn't dated, but it must be post 1926. The model in question is called "Gothic". I'll copy out the text because it isn't very clear from...
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    Pendulum impulse on Synchronome master clock

    Roger Many thanks for the reply. That's very helpful and confirmed what I thought was the case. Best regards, Peter
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    Pendulum impulse on Synchronome master clock

    Thanks Tim for the lead !
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    Pendulum impulse on Synchronome master clock

    I'm trying to help someone set up a Synchronome master clock. I think there may be an issue with the pendulum not receiving sufficient impulse to keep going. I have checked over the electrics - and they seem fine. I would like some more information about the pendulum impulse and fine...
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    ATO clock repair

    Hi Jerry I do not know of a source for the ATO spares. You could try and pick up a junker movement - but of course there is no guarantee that the leaf contacts will be in good condition. My experience will similar clocks tells me that they are often not in good condition. At the risk of...
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    Unusual Bulle movement anyone have any info

    I might be wrong, but this really does look like some kind of marriage. There are obviously some Bulle parts, but the lower pendulum assembly looks like it may come from a Junghans ATO master clock. There is a large gearwheel visible at the front of the movement, which again doesn't appear in...
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    Some questions on my newly bought BARDON CLICHY clock

    Hi Peter That's a lovely looking clock. A very nice find. There are some pictures of Bardon clocks on the "clockdoc" website. Yours looks unusual in that it doesn't have a second hand. Most 4-glass cases do come apart to allow cleaning and replacement of glass panes. However I am not...
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    Need aTo small Wall Clock repair, please

    That sounds good news that there was nothing seriously wrong. A can of spray contact cleaner is a useful tool for these clocks. I alaso find a multimeter that can measure resistance a must-have. If you like ATO clocks, there is a good chance that you would also like Bulle clocks. Some of the...
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    Need aTo small Wall Clock repair, please

    Hi That's good news that your local repairer will be able to get the clock and restore domestic harmony ! I have quite a sizeable collection of Bulle and ATO clocks. My experience is that no matter how well you service these clocks, small "problems" will occur periodically that will require...
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    Petite cute art deco Bulle clock

    I'm always hesitant to say for certain that the hands were painted black. My version has black hands as do the other 2 that I have had in my possession. But I agree black hands improve the readability. And of course, its pretty much reversible if you decide to go back to plain Aluminium. Its...
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    Petite cute art deco Bulle clock

    Hi Its a very nice example and everything looks correct and original. If the dome is a good fit to the diameter, then I agree that there's a good chance that it too is original. There is a detailed restoration of the same clock on the Horologix website (#342201). One difference you will notice...
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    Need aTo small Wall Clock repair, please

    I believe the coil will produce a magnetic field that actually is the same as the permanent magnet. So it repels the pendulum, rather than attract it. But in practice it probably doesn't matter. If your clock was running before, then the battery polarity will be correct. I find tracing...
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    Need aTo small Wall Clock repair, please

    Hi This is a purely electromagnetic clock. The drive force comes entirely from the electric coil impulse whuch causes the permanent magnet to move, and hence drive the pendulum. The "suspect spring" is merely there to provide a electrical conductive path. It provide no mechanical drive. My...
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    Bulle Clockette - worn fork contacts

    Steve - I have dropped you a direct email.

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