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    Contact info for Leslie's Dial Restoration

    Does anyone have contact info for Leslie Hernandez? She has done dial restoration for me in the past, and I've lost her email, phone number, etc. Thanks.
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    International Time Recorder lower glass decal?

    I am restoring a 1907 ITR time recorder (Dey design), with the large iron wheel affixed to the dial side. It is all there, but in pretty rough shape. The lower glass, which you can view the pendulum through, has a reverse mounted decal which is peeling badly. I believe it to be a decal, rather...
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    C. Legrand Chronograph

    Resurrecting this post. I have attached an 'Under dial" photo. Still looking to find a maker. Does this help? Doug
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    Clock logo identification sought

    I am currently working on an open swinger with the following markings: - Rear plate - B.B. inside a horizontal diamond - Front plate - A leaping, or flying deer I have attached photos. Does anyone recognize the maker?
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    Bracket Clock Questions

    Just picked this one up. Nice red mahogany cased bracket clock, with a nest of tuned, coiled gongs, and a very heavy, well made movement. There are no markings on the movement, save for a "45" on the front plate, and a "3" on the rear plate. Any idea who built this movement? Also, there is a...
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    Who made it - mystery?

    Hi all; Just picked this one up. It is a WWII presentation watch (engraved on the back cover). The back plate is signed DIMRA and DFco, which I understand to be Dimier Freres. However, when I removed the dial, the front plate is stamped GW co, for General watch company. I thought this rather...
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    Elgin balance staff question

    Hi all; Does anyone know if Elgin grade 472 & 478 used the same balance staff? Thanks, Doug
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    Makers logo ID sought

    Does anyone recognize this makers mark? It is a stylized T over and through an H. It appears on the dial of my brass and tin cased musical alarm clock.
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    French Bronze Clock Figure Identification Sought

    "Hebe was the goddess of youth, daughter of Zeus and Hera. She served nectar and ambrosia to the Olympians and later married Heracles, with whom she had two children, Alexiares and Anicetus. Her name comes from the Greek word for youth, and it was believed that she had the ability to restore...
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    French Bronze Clock Figure Identification Sought

    Steven; I believe you may be "messing" with me! Did some research on both names (I have no life), and found that they are both pseudonyms meaning "nothing". At any rate, I will probably not sleep tonight pondering this momentous question! Cheers,
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    Staartklok Split case repair

    I am currently in the restoration stage of an antique Dutch Staartklok (Tail clock). The lower case, which slides down to access the pendulum has a split from the bottom of the viewing window, to the bottom of the case. I have researched online as to how to best repair this, but everything I've...
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    French Bronze Clock Figure Identification Sought

    Here is a photo of the back of the movement. It is unsigned, but has an interesting star pattern large countwheel. As for the figure at the top, I have had several people look at the urn/chalice, and everyone has a different opinion! I am leaning towards the plant or flower suggested by...
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    French Bronze Clock Figure Identification Sought

    Just picked up this beautiful bronze ormolu clock. French, with silk thread suspension. At the top of the clock sits a female who appears to be holding her arm over a fire-filled urn. Does anyone recognize if this would be a representation of a mythological goddess? I'm thinking perhaps Hestia...
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    Unknown Swiss Chronometer

    Here's the photo.
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    Unknown Swiss Chronometer

    I checked out the Lemania listings on Ranfft. It looks similar to some, but not exactly. Here is a photo of the dial side. Still no markings or ebauche stamp, other than Brevet, which I understand to mean patent. Strange?!
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    Unknown Swiss Chronometer

    Oops! I knew that. This should probably be moved to the "wristwatches" board. Moderator perhaps?
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    Unknown Swiss Chronometer

    Does anyone recognize the maker of this piece? It is a 3 button chronometer, Swiss made in a stainless steel case with snap back. I see no markings on the dial, inside of case back, or on the movement itself. Thanks, Doug
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    Rolex balance wheel question

    As no-one seems to have an answer, perhaps someone could suggest a source/resource (preferably online) where I could find this information.
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    Rolex balance wheel question

    From what I understand, a Rolex cal. 1225 is the same as a cal.1220, with the addition of a date module. If that is the case, would both calibres use the exact same balance wheel? Thanks, Doug
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    Baume or Longines?

    Just acquired this lovely little ladies watch in a 9 carat gold case. The blue enameled dial is signed Longines (could not get it to show up in the photo), while the movement is signed Baume. Case back is marked 9K as well as AB. Is the watch a Longines or a Baume??

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