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  1. Whereisitat


    WALTHAM 8 DAY 9 JEWEL (SMALL BALANCE) STAFF WANTED!. Short shoulder / double roller If anyone has or knows the part # for the staff please reply or PM
  2. Whereisitat

    Waltham 8 days. Salvaged so no fretting

    Howdy! I have come to love very accurate watches as we all do I'm guessing. But some are more so than others. This post has my most accurate watches and they were all very cheap because they were damaged or in parts. The 15 jewel is probably the best in static dial up with maybe 2-3 seconds a...
  3. Whereisitat

    8 days just for fun

    Howdy! Have not posted in a while. The watches shown here put anything I can afford to shame. But I try for bargains and have learned a lot about repairs in trying to save what I can. The 1st shot is homespun tools. L to R, Cover & oil assorted,dipping containers,top are the thick token...
  4. Whereisitat

    Fusee cone install Q....Is there a stop at the bottom of the wind cycle?

    Howdy, I have not worked on many fuse's so this may be a stupid question-but I've had this problem twice so I'm asking. The fusee stop at the "top" of the wind is working fine. My problem is the cone is continuing to travel at the end of the wind that the chain is stretched over center. The...
  5. Whereisitat

    Gordon of London-Chronometer/Pocket watch

    YAAAAY!!! I knew it was not cylinder-the escape wheel teeth were wrong-no darts. And the Diamond end stone? Generous jeweling? Look-a clue! I finally "scored" my 1st Detent Lever movement......Sadly it is missing a few key pieces. ANY help getting this back as a runner would be very...
  6. Whereisitat

    Small english lever from Glasgow R & W Sorely

    Argyle & Buchanon st are engraved very nicely on the main plate. I am totally unfamiliar with hallmarks and have included the best shots my camera can muster. There is a makers mark under the balance W & M that did not show well in the photo. It runs healthy with a nice tick. The case is the...
  7. Whereisitat

    Sorry no photo-Has anyone seen a lead weight "burst" in a spot?

    This one was over a year ago & I did not take pics. But it is a old Junghans mantle clock that had been sitting for longer than my wife & I had been married. It was her Grandfathers & I was able to get it running correctly. One of the 1st issues I had to correct was the pendulum would catch on...
  8. Whereisitat

    Seeing some reasonable prices on "pedestrian" 992's

    I actually got one for under $100.00 Ok it was a buck under but I've wanted one for a while. And as I wanted a carry watch I didn't really want a pristine or premium model-maybe that will be later. But a basic stainless case runner. Missing a case screw but otherwise intact. It has a base dial...
  9. Whereisitat

    Seller dropped the Waltham he sold me-yea sure ya did...

    Ok I was speculating. Minimal photo & no open case shot-ending soon. Nice dial & hands-and the case had the right look for a solid gold case. The bow had a deep knick in it-consistent color was a bit of a tell. Worst case I needed a 16s case and the best it was what I thought. And then I get...
  10. Whereisitat

    Rusty hairspring "rejuvination"....a success but at your own risk....

    Howdy... I don't suggest this as a tried & true method but I had a really good save so I thought I'd share. 19j South bend-thin movement-had a failed hairspring stud-I was unable to get the pin out to repair that one. Ok parts watch. Sadly the hairspring was very slightly rusted. At the main...
  11. Whereisitat

    Is there a source for Hebdomas style mainsprings?

    Howdy! Done my best e-bay and web surfing and I'm coming up short. I have a unmarked 8 day Swiss with a Hebdomas style rear mainspring. I have it timed & running but the spring is weak for sure. I have it measured @ 55" (aprox) LOA & .110" width & .010" thickness Hole / Hole. I can...
  12. Whereisitat

    Found a bit of history under a parts watch dial.....Radium Girl signed.

    Took me a while to realize what I had here. I had a parts movement that had the hands totally mangled & a very aged face. I was able to straighten the minute hand & I'm short on Illinois hands so it is in use. But the hour hand broke & I probably tossed it. But they were glow in the dark fill in...
  13. Whereisitat

    For me this was a big deal-Hairspring stud transplant!

    I shouldn't brag because I'm the one that broke it..... But brittle old part or poor technique on a 18s Elgin I just finished. Why?- the hairspring stud would slip. So I went to give it a pinch with tweezers-snap. Oh well I have a parts unit right here-but the hairspring is rusted. Tried it...
  14. Whereisitat

    My other hobby-Metal Detecting today found vintage wrist watch-help me ID please!

    I have a few clues-but probably the most unique is the second hand-if there was one-is at 10 o clock. I can read 15 jewels 2 adjustments. And it is a 3 plate movement-I wrote down the dimensions in the last photo hope it makes sense. Anyhow if I get an ID I'd like to buy another for...
  15. Whereisitat

    Too cheap too pass on-Longines but not signed. What case to fit this style wind/set?

    Bit of a happy when I got my latest parcel from the bay! I'm just out to tinker & should really stop buying as my allowance is about tapped-for the year(Doh!). But this went for under a fiver. Couldn't help it. And after a teardown & lube-it is ticking right well with railroad tracks on...
  16. Whereisitat

    Overbanking-cause & correction?

    2 threads in a row but somewhat related. Because I'm fairly sure that the main reason for overbanking (on a otherwise well timed) watch is a roller jewel failing or coming loose. I was out yesterday & went to check the time on my favorite watch. It has a display back so when I pulled it...
  17. Whereisitat

    Is there a substitute for shellac?

    Sorry to copy the title of the previous Benzine thread. Kinda straightforward-in this modern era-is Shellac from a bugs butt really the best adhesive for roller jewels and other applications. I will admit to using crazy glue for a personal training watch-and of course it "works" but I have no...
  18. Whereisitat

    Push or pry or sneak?....Balance / capped jewel service how to do it right?

    Howdy & once again-this sight has been an immense help. I have heard various ways to clean & service balance jewels. Some say not to dislodge the holed jewel as the depth or orientation may be altered. I have seen pick or pry marks on the cap jewels suggesting they were serviced in that...
  19. Whereisitat

    Where to look for a thesis on positional accuracy & the corrections made to correct

    Title says it all but I'll try a recent example. I have a clock / watch that runs slowly in the preferred position. How is that lessened while keeping the balance with other positions?. I'm mostly dealing with salvage pieces-bottom feeding the Bay. So new parts all around will not be...
  20. Whereisitat

    Last year(s) of the American Pocket Watch production-a timeline?

    Those must have been very dark days for an industry that employed so many Americans. My Dad bought a Accutron back then & it was all she wrote for the mechanicals for him. I'm a total nube here as my posts would suggest so I don't know the stories around those days I'm just guessing they were...

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