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  1. burt

    Bernie Tekippe

    I just wanted to pay a friend,all around gentleman , great clock designer and maker,Bernie Tekippe a small tribute this morning. Members can read a wonderful obituary tribute, in the current Bulletin, written by his son Byron. Bernie always said,in his opinion, his "simple regulator" kept as...
  2. burt

    Chronometry: Chronometer accuracy

    I've been writing both in a Bulletin Article and on this board about the Negus brothers and their chronometers. I've also featured Negus #1273 as it has a very impressive history of service in the United States Navy and I also happen to be fortunate enough to own it. It is an instrument that was...
  3. burt

    Chronometry: Guam and a historical chronometer

    As the board is kinda slow I thought I'd post this piece of history. With Guam in the news did you ever wonder how it's people are American citizens today? Well it was a Spanish territory until the United States Congress declared war on Spain April 25, 1898. The U.S.S. Charleston, a heavy...
  4. burt

    Marine: Chronometer Story - Bond

    Here's another story of a great Chronometer, it's famous maker,it's history and restoration. For those of us who appreciate what effort and skill it requires to restore one of these remarkable instruments to running condition I included a section on that subject. As I wrote these were intended...
  5. burt

    Marine: Marine Chronometer Story - Mercer

    Here is a story I originally wrote for the Bulletin that unfortunately won't be published. The story was fully illustrated and if anyone is interested, in a specific photo ,I will try and find the picture and caption that went with it. Some were lost during the lengthy time I was put on hold by...
  6. burt

    Marine: Marine Chronometer Picture Gallery

    How about starting a "Marine Chronometer Photo Gallery" featuring members chronometers with a brief description? I'll start with this English piece made by Septimus Miles circa. 1825. It's a 15 jewel fusee with a fully capped Ernshaw type free sprung balance, spring detent escament with helical...
  7. burt

    Marine: Marine "box" chronometer accuracy

    I recently received an email from clock maker Bernie Tekippe of Atlanta Georgia. Bernie makes his own design of precision regulator which is capable of accuracy of .008 +/- seconds per day. Bernie had read my article on the Negus marine chronometer #1273 in the Sept/Oct 2015 Bulletin. He wrote...
  8. burt

    Mercer Marine Chronometer #16955

    Here is a Mercer marine chronometer which was finished in late 1944. The movement utilizes a palladium alloy balance spring and a standard temperature compensation balance wheel. The Mercer firm was noted for quality in their chronometers and timing well was the standard. The Mercer firm itself...
  9. burt

    S.Miles,Marine Chronometer #2072

    I recently won this boxed marine chronometer at the J&H auction. This timepiece started out in service first as a pocket chronometer and was afterward converted to a gimbaled and boxed model for ships navigation. The auction description for the chronometer is: Fully capped Earnshaw type...
  10. burt

    Interesting cased Model 1857

    Well here is my first American non Lancaster made pocket watch. I purchased this one for the interesting case which holds the movement. This particular mod.57 was built in late 1870 when the firm was called the American Watch Company (at Waltham). It's a 18 size guilt finished 15 jewel movement...
  11. burt

    Louis Montandon Pocket Chronometer

    As a student and collector of the Lancaster family of watches this is my very first antique Swiss made product. Having just received the timepiece today wanted to get some opinions on and questions answered about it's maker and of course the watch. Please excuse my pictures, as they are not the...
  12. burt

    Loaner watches

    Recently there was a great discussion on this board about the Railroad Time Service Rules which I enjoyed and learned much from. Today I was reading an excellent article from the Bulliten archives, Railroader's Corner,October 2001 on the subject. Another really great job by Ed and Kent. What...
  13. burt

    Fancy Bows?

    I know we have done cases and dials before but what about "Fancy Bows?" Here is a Hamilton 952 with an interesting story. The ledgers report that the movement 775471 was finished on 4-13-1911 and then sold on 5-8-1911. Looks like to a Beumangrayles ?,(Chicago?) Hard to read. It appears to have...
  14. burt

    What did I do?

    I have no idea what I did wrong with my last post on the A&P topic.Please if you can try and edit it to as if I knew what I was doing! At least for me I feel it's more difficult to post pictures on the new format. Thank you. Burt
  15. burt

    Adams & Perry watches

    While trying to do research on the Adams and Perry watches produced at the Lancaster factory I read a post,on our board,dated 5-19-2011. An entry by gmeyer4 refered to a "Lancaster database" which listed 37 of these uncommon 20 size movements. My question to the board is where and how can a...
  16. burt

    Tekippe Precision Regulator

    I wanted a precision regulator clock for a very long time. I knew I could never afford one made by any of the past great clock makers like Riefler, Howard or Strasser and Rhode. The new made Sattler one second pendulum clocks start at $36,000. Then on the cover of the April 2010 Watch &...
  17. burt

    Unusual case

    Hey guys, Has anyone had or can tell me anything about this case? I believe it is a Keystone and it has a patent date of 1889. I think it is unusual in that only the back bezel unscrews. Movement is placed into case. The coin edge retaining ring is then threaded behind the movement . The...
  18. burt

    Hamilton Model 21

    Can someone help me with how to(member) acess the ledgers on the Hamilton Mod.21 chronometer.I tried just the four digit number into the serial number look up without sucess. Thank you!
  19. burt

    Research information Hamilton 22

    While searching the Hamilton ledger pages for date of completion and to whom sold information, for a gimbaled Model 22 chronometer watch(2F28xxx), I came across a contract or vender number 86-32381.The watch has no miltary markings and found it's home in a private jewelry store.Has anyone solved...

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