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  1. clocks4u

    Post Your Waterbury Clocks Here!

    Good looking clock!
  2. clocks4u

    J C Brown Papier Mache

    Sweet Clock!
  3. clocks4u

    clock listing red flags

    "Clock movement dunked in Kerosene. Cleans and lubricates"
  4. clocks4u

    American So, what does one find at local chapter meetings in Houston?

    Lucky you. Our local chapter meetings are slim pickings for the most part. I have a standing joke that to make a sale at a meeting, I'd have to buy something from myself.
  5. clocks4u

    Waterbury Regulator #20, early version, c. 1893

    I was going to respond, then noticed the original post was 15 years ago. Wonder if he ever located the correct weights?
  6. clocks4u

    Antebellum Shelf Clock Making

    I was thinking about ordering this from the NAWCC store. Does it contain a lot of information or is it more of a coffee table type book? I love seeing pictures of clocks. Would like information on makers and their histories to be included. Has this been reviewed in the Bulletin? Thank you, Chris
  7. clocks4u

    Henry Hart, Goshen Connecticut

    No offense taken. I actually search the Bulletin often. I have close to a full set (singles and bound) and prefer to thumb through those after I get a hit on a search vs using the online copies. That said, there's not a ton of info on Henry Hart. Like Steven said above, I just assumed & Son...
  8. clocks4u

    Henry Hart, Goshen Connecticut

    The label has no mention of son. The printer is listed as P. Canfield, Harford. No mention of address or street. Searching his name, I came up with one post by George Nelson. P. Canfield, Printer, Hartford If Hart and Son is c.1835, I assume this is earlier, say 1830-35 range.
  9. clocks4u

    Henry Hart, Goshen Connecticut

    Makes me wonder how it ended up out here in Oregon.
  10. clocks4u

    Henry Hart, Goshen Connecticut

    Picked this up back in late January. It appeared to be in overall good condition. What really sold me on this was the glass. It's a painting of what was then called Yale College from College Street in New Haven. There was some paint loss to some of the trees, part of a building and sky. Being...
  11. clocks4u

    Help Identify a Clock

    The older Horolovar reproductions are good quality. Can't say much about the later ones out of China by ProClocks. Doubt they are as good.
  12. clocks4u


    Though Durfee used Waltham movements, didn't they die stamp and number all their movements.
  13. clocks4u

    MOP Cast Iron Front Movement ID

    Interesting that the movement in the early Brewster steeple is basically the same movement that is in mine except how the plates are held together. Did Brewster use Jerome movements?
  14. clocks4u

    MOP Cast Iron Front Movement ID

    I knew it would be tough to figure out who actually assembled this. I was hoping someone owned one, or have seen one with a label. Would late 1850s seem about right for a date range?
  15. clocks4u

    MOP Cast Iron Front Movement ID

    Yes, it’s an iron front. New Haven would make sense. I didn’t even consider Kroeber. I’ll take a look in Tran’s Kroeber book.
  16. clocks4u

    Hoadley Time & Alarm Wood Works

    I think a nice example of one of these would still bring a good price. The market as it is now, any major issues kill the price. I can live with a well done repainted glass. The other stuff, not so much.
  17. clocks4u

    MOP Cast Iron Front Movement ID

    I picked this timepiece up over the weekend. It was cheap enough and I found it interesting. No label anywhere. Though I may never know who assembled this, does anyone recognize this movement. The escape pivot bracket has an angled base where it's riveted to the plate. Is that a clue to the...
  18. clocks4u

    Which One To Choose

    Please post some pictures when it arrives.
  19. clocks4u

    Which One To Choose

    Whichever one is the most original. An original glass is a big plus IMO.

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