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    Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

    Thank you for sharing this amazing ! clock . Surely a clock that old must be haunted .
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    When not to ring a clock collector

    I always call him at three minutes to twelve noon !
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    My Message Board Avatar Is a _____________ Watch

    Thank you for the silhouette links. I have no idea how long I was gone. Just wandering about learning more than I knew to ask . I have my silhouette cut in the early 1950s. Thank you again.
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    Mirror, mirror on the wall...

    Thank you.......I love this stuff.
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    Comments on this month's Bulletin

    I enjoyed your entry on many points. Particularly the gold filigree or chinoiserie as I have an Ansonia iron front that is covered with this decoration. I marvel at it ceaselessly and wondered how it was accomplished. The surface isn't flat but undulating and couldn't have been done with a...
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    Clockwinder for the Palaces Needed

    Do they allow a battery drill ?
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    A wound clock weighs more than a unwound clock.

    If riding the AJS or the BSA, wear a helmet !

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