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  1. grtnev

    Air Navigation and Hamilton M23

    Attached Hamilton document references the applicable the gov't spec, i.e.: U.S. Army Air Force Specification Federal #GG-W-IIIa, dated 7 Aug 1934 with Amendment #2 dated 5 October 1939. Maybe someone has a copy of this spec that they can share. Richard
  2. grtnev

    Air Navigation and Hamilton M23

    For clarity and consistency, the Model 23 has 19j - which is how Hamilton described it. See attached. As Dewey indicated in the original post, 15j in the timekeeping movement and 4 jewels in the chronometer section. Richard
  3. grtnev

    Air Navigation and Hamilton M23

    Good Morning Dewey, Like you, I am fascinated with the M23. The one in my collection also is in its original box and dust bag. In addition to what has already been provided, let me just add a couple of items. The M23 was either designed specifically to be used with the Pioneer Instruments...
  4. grtnev

    Illinois A.Lincoln

    Ben, I think in general though I’d agree with your basic premise, whether 12 or 16s, the A Lincoln grade just doesn’t, IMHO, seem to be finished to as high a quality as one would have expected with a very simplistic linear damaskeen pattern. Something I have always found interesting. Being...
  5. grtnev

    Aurora to Lancaster: The Origin of the Hamilton Watch Co.

    Great stuff Greg! Thanks for undertaking this project!
  6. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    Jim, Thanks for posting the ad. Richard
  7. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    Duplicate post deleted Richard
  8. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    Willemin is an intersecting possibility. Willemin watch cases, according to the Encyclopedia (1st) reference below, were made by H. Muhr & Sons of Philadelphia. Muhr’s watch case manufacturing was sold to T. Zurbrugg & Co in 1898 to become a part of the Philadelphia Watch Case Co & later the...
  9. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    I agree - based on what’s been discussed here it isn’t Wadsworth or Western . Richard
  10. grtnev

    Collectors and Cracked Jewels (moral not watch repair question)

    I agree. That being said, Clint’s points are very valid. I have one exception - I probably would not leave a cracked jewel, unless there was absolutely no possible replacement. If the crack doesn’t extend to the jewel bore today, it probably will at some point. Richard
  11. grtnev

    An upjewelled Ball???

    Thanks Rob for posting. That pretty well summarizes Ball’s position - from both the economic reality of having to compete in the marketplace as well as from what he believed to be correct from a technical perspective. Richard
  12. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    Jerry - thanks for the information. Stylistically at least, your Wadsworth and the case for my watch are similar. In 11th post in the thread found at the following link:, Ethan Lipsig shows several trademarks for 14K...
  13. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    Rick, As requested - see attached. 12s Waltham, s/n 19183799, ca 1914, 15j, model 1894, unadjusted grade 220. As others have determined, the trademark is Western Watch Case Co. - 14K case. If anyone has any information they can share on WWC Co. it would be much appreciated. I have not been...
  14. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    I will in the next couple of days. Thanks all for enlightening me that it is Western Watch Case Co. Richard
  15. grtnev

    W. W. C. Co. Trademark Question

    The "W. W. C. Co." trademark in the attached picture, I assume, is Wadsworth Watch Case Co. However, I have been unable to find any Encyclopedia, Jeweler's of the Kindred Trade, or any other reference that depicts this as a Wadsworth Watch Case Co. trademark. The trademark shown below has "W...
  16. grtnev

    Do you still have the first pocket watch you collected?

    Yes - my collecting is all my maternal grandmother's fault. Back in the mid-1980's she first gave me the watch shown in the first two attachments. It was her husband's brother's (my grand uncle) watch. It is a 12s Elgin, s/n 12932260, ca 1906, model 3, 17j unadjusted movement. The dial is...
  17. grtnev

    Received my Waltham Crescent St.

    i totally agree with Rob. I live in NW Nevada and have shipped my watches needing service for more than 20 years to my watchmaker in NE Tennessee via USPS flat rate box, priority mail (2-3 days) - never had an issue. I usually do add insurance. A watch just needing normal COA (cleaning...
  18. grtnev

    Hamilton's 16s 960 - 969 Series Watches

    Jim, In addition to being adjusted to temp, isochronism, was the grade 967 adjusted to positions? If so how many? Same question for grades 966-969. Thanks, Richard

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