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  1. coleccionistaloco

    Murday Murday clock price NEED HELP

    I NEED HELP can buy this clock but is it a real murday if yes what is the value of it??? thx in advance
  2. coleccionistaloco

    FLying ball longcase grandfather clockwork

    Does anybody have an idea what kind of clockwork i have hanging on the wall?????
  3. coleccionistaloco

    HELP NEEDED rusted and oxidated screws

    Hi I have a colection of junghans mystery clocks all clocks have tiny screws on them, tired everything to loosen them and broke the headsof a few CAN SOMEONE TELL ME HOW TO LOOSEN THE SCREWS????? THX IN ADVACE PLEASE SEND ANSWER TO MY MAIL as i do not know how to look for my...
  4. coleccionistaloco

    Cromwellian Eureka Clock

    Hello everybody as this is my first time i hope i get a response just bought this clock which is in perfect condition and working I think i overpaid it can someone mail me the value of this clock to

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