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  1. SKennedy

    K W Muller press

    I picked up this press a few weeks ago. Has a label on signed 'K W Muller - Lubeck' who I presume went on to become simply 'KWM' . Not sure of date but given the wooden (rather than plastic) handle and wooden base perhaps pre WW2? The insert in the end of the arm is hard rubber and I guess...
  2. SKennedy

    Montilier Aluminium Gold

    Not wanting to de-rail the other current similar thread, I received this wreck this week. Mikrolisk tells me the mark on the movement is that of the Montilier Watch Co. and the case mark is likely also theirs though slightly different to the one pictured on that website (I have a lion as...
  3. SKennedy

    A mystery tiny thing

    I acquired this from a fellow watchmaker recently. It's tiny and very nicely made. I have an idea as to what is was designed for but would be interested to hear other views! Overall length is 7.8mm
  4. SKennedy

    Minute repeating chronograph with a small difference

    Here's a minute repeating chronograph that recently crossed my bench that the owner was eager I shared. The watch was originally sold in the Chinese market by a dealer called 'Ullman'. The 'Concisas Brevitas' trademark that is mostly hidden under a hammer when the movement is together is that...
  5. SKennedy

    J Hill, Appleby, 1832 lever.

    Now and again I succumb to temptation to pick something up that might just need cleaning or might be too broken and not really worth the time to repair. This was one I got lucky on a little while ago which I've just found time to sort out. As received the case was a bit tarnished and the...
  6. SKennedy

    Barwise Pocket Chronometer Movement

    A personal project that I recently made some good progress on so I thought I'd share. I picked up this movement about 18 months ago. It was in a sorry looking state but I was told the detent was good - as it would prove to be as I didn't really want to have to make one for it - but that the...
  7. SKennedy

    Duhme & Co - Patek?

    Just sifting through a box of movements and this one has jumped out at me.Just trying to establish exactly what it is. The movement and dial are both signed Duhme and Co Cincinnati Ohio. It is a small movement, 27.5mm and it also has the word 'Agaton' by the number. Under the dial...
  8. SKennedy

    A mix of old and new - Mandrel/Lathe

    I was offered this yesterday for an irresistible price so had no option other than to buy it! Thought it might be of interest to share a photo. The 'mandrel' headstock is probably late 19th century, stamped with the makers mark 'W & F Grimshaw / London' The main bed section is all brass, home...
  9. SKennedy

    Cachard a Paris

    I am doing some on-off research on a French/Parisian maker named Gaspard Cachard who I think had quite an interesting horological career and possibly an eventful life, ending up in London in the early 19th Century. Perhaps if I unearth enough there will be an article in it. I've done quite a...
  10. SKennedy

    J&L Mole, Birmingham odd beat movement

    I recently acquired this movement which had no chain, hands, or more crucially, hairspring though whoever took that off put the roller back on the staff. It is jewelled to the third (top and bottom), gold plain balance and a rather smart post for the dust cap. Loomes lists the makers as...
  11. SKennedy

    17 jewel GT Gedeon Thommen with hand logo?

    Recently had this watch to look at. Looks like its early 20th century 1910-20 and a better grade than usual for a GT movement with 17 jewels, screwed in chatons and a (badly repaired) micrometer regulator. I haven't managed to find anything about the logo with the hand holding something? It...
  12. SKennedy

    Giradin Geneve 1850s?

    I've found the name Girard in the lists I've got but not come across a reference to a Giradin. Anyone got any better info? I think this is probably 1850s but maybe a little earlier? Its a nice 'long' lever with counterbalance and is quite a thin movement. Both movement and dial are signed...
  13. SKennedy

    Regulator dial verge movement

    Recent mention of 'doctor' stop verge watches prompted me to dig this movement out for another look. What attracted me to it is the regulator style dial rather than the large seconds and offset hour/minute more commonly found. Sadly it is missing rather a lot of parts - there's no balace...
  14. SKennedy

    Odd layout, pre 1920 (?) wrist watch.

    I'm not really a wristwatch person but here's one I dug up from a box of junk recently and got going, which has an unusual (to me) layout. Both the case and movement have 'depose' marks but no relevant number. The brass case has a screw fitting bezel which also retains the movement so once the...
  15. SKennedy

    JP&F Geneve movement

    Hello, This is a small (21mm diameter) well finished cylinder movement from, I think, late 19th century. I was wondering if anyone had come across anything with this makers stamp on and perhaps knew the company/maker it is associated with. The references I've got on Swiss makers haven't shown...

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