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  1. topspin

    The ubiquitous intermittent railway track dial?

    A Waltham grade 818 (model 1883) changed hands recently - link below to the completed auction. I noticed that it was wearing an "interesting" dial. I look at a lot of random pocket watches, new and old... and this exact design of dial turns up on many, many brands. Characterised by - the...
  2. topspin

    Waltham pocket watch 14s with Montgomery-style dial

    Photos: Another new arrival. With WW1 Montgomery-style dial. Plain hands. It's turned up in a gold-tone metal case with a delicate pattern on the back. I'll add a matching chain and then it will be the perfect everyday carry watch.
  3. topspin

    The Schierwater & Lloyd Challenge! - one of every (make &) model

    Time for a thread about Schierwater & Lloyd (SL) of Liverpool. SL Walthams are a fairly common sight on the uk ebay site, and generally sell for a small premium. SL is one of the commonest Private Labels we see, behind Farringdon and Fattorini. A long way behind. Models sold included 1890...
  4. topspin

    Waltham Marquis + a quandary

    Here we have a 15J Waltham Marquis - by no means a rarity over here. But we've not had one on the MB for a while so let's go for it. Most if not all Marquises seem to have a plain regulator. By way of comparison, grade 620 seems to have a mixture of regulators, & one day I might do a feature on...
  5. topspin

    Waltham 1897 Earl

    Just completing the "E" trilogy (Ensign, Envoy, Earl) for this week. This one is another non-runner with hands missing. Looks like I turfed it out of its case years ago, in order to make way for a more exotic orphan. Still, it'll make for a nice shiny 15J spares movement. I see the database has...
  6. topspin

    Waltham 1897 Ensign (W.C.)

    So. The question for today is, who is the most popular, interesting, keenly-observed character in all of Star Trek... Is it one of the aliens? No. Is it the guy who flooded the Enterprise with tribbles back in 1967? Not quite. It is of course Ensign Wesley Crusher. So great, in fact, that the...
  7. topspin

    Waltham 1915 Montgomery Style 14S, New in box

    This just in. Marmite watch of the week. Keeps excellent time. Can also be displayed on a stand as a desk clock. On the inside is a small unmarked hexagonal movement with its own power source.
  8. topspin

    Completed collections?

    We all collect different things (e.g. different makes, models, grades, case makers, private labels, years, sizes, styles, accessories, literature, etc etc.) Wondering whether we have any examples of "Yes, I have actually completed the full set of this, there are no more to collect" that we're...
  9. topspin

    Waltham 1897 420/AWWCo

    Another one that came to me as an orphan which I might get fixed up one day. Hmmm, must get myself a couple more broken Bond St's to donate proper cases. According to the lookup Waltham Pocket Watch Information: Serial Number 12181102 (Grade No. 420) it is a grade 420. According to the other...
  10. topspin

    Waltham 1897 "Washington"

    Hi, anyone seen one of these before? This came to me as an orphan (from a seller in Portugal) and is now in my repairs queue. Given that it was intended for export, I'm trying to decide whether the "Washington" here refers to a place in USA, or the guy who we might use as a guess during the...
  11. topspin

    The final Waltham 18s?

    The last model 1883 seems to be from 1919. The last model 1892 seems to be Waltham Pocket Watch Information: Serial Number 22017700 (Grade Canadian Pacific Railway) from 1918. Interesting how these models continued in production in...
  12. topspin

    It's Coming...?

    There is a big red banner at the top of my screen, saying "It's Coming". It's been there for a day or two now. Can I be the only one here who doesn't yet know whether I should be excited, afraid, or indifferent about this announcement?
  13. topspin

    Waltham 1877/1879 "John St"

    According to the lookup ( NAWCC-Info ) there were 3 small runs made of Waltham grade "John St" - a KW run and a HC run of model 1877, and an OF run of model 1879. Anyone seen or got one? Any thoughts as to whereabouts in the world they are most likely to turn up?
  14. topspin

    Dispersing a collection

    I have recently seen a number of watches being auctioned off individually, which were part of the same "huge" collection. I assume the previous owner has recently died (or been made bankrupt.) The watches are well described and photographed. My first thought was of the "What makes a collection...
  15. topspin

    Waltham 1888 CORONA

    Anyone know anything about these? Waltham Pocket Watch Information: Serial Number 7234363 (Grade Corona) Another one that's just back from repairs, can't remember if it originally came to me cased or orphaned. Looking at the dial, I guess this was basically the same idea as a SOL, for a...
  16. topspin

    Waltham Victoria / "J & Co L"

    These turn up from time to time... The movement is marked "VICTORIA" (presumably nothing to do with Cronometro Victoria.) I also have one of these to which someone had thoughtfully appended "PENDLETON" in neatly-scratched letters, thus making the name of a well-known modern-day cyclist. I'm...
  17. topspin

    Waltham Ball watch paperweight 12s?

    Anyone seen one of these before, or know how best to categorise it? On the outside we have a spherical glass paperweight, about the size of a big tennis ball, built around a brass ring. On the inside we have a rather pretty Waltham 12s movement with fancy dial. Runs lovely.
  18. topspin

    Waltham 1888 Traveler (with Equity stripes)

    Hi, did I post this guy yet? "Traveler" is much more commonly found on the 1899/1908 model. But there are also quite a few 1888s out there that are marked or recorded as Traveler. And once in a while, a pretty one comes around. Like this one, which was already inhabiting a lovely GF case when...
  19. topspin

    AM'n Watch Co. 14S model

    I couldn't find another "Adams St" thread to put it in, so here goes with my Adams St. Shouldn't be a rare watch, although they don't seem to come around very often at all. Waltham Pocket Watch Information: Serial Number 606088 (Grade Adams St.)
  20. topspin

    Waltham Beacon-Regina dual grade!

    Presenting my most recent acquisition - The Waltham 1897 Beacon-Regina dual-grade pocket watch. (Or triple-grade if we include "Bond St" which is what it is recorded as.) This turned up in a rather lovely Fahys Montauk 20-year case. Waltham Pocket Watch Information: Serial Number 7928226...

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