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  1. Bob Reichel

    Omega pocket watch-Jananese Soldier-Guadacanal

    A dear friend of mine had a husband who dduring the WW2 Battle of Guadacanal(1943) was part f a burial squad. He removed a 1923 Omega pocket watch from a Jananese soldier. It is her desire to get it to an apporpiate museum. We have been unable to reach such a place. Any suggestions are...
  2. Bob Reichel

    Cast iron backplate identity

    This movement is not marked. Can anyone tell me who made it? It was in a "OG" case, but the case in not fitted for weights-no pulleys or cutouts in the vertical boards for the cords. The dial is silk-screened floral reverse glass. So, the unmarked case was a left-over Ogee, and fitted with a...
  3. Bob Reichel

    Jura movement

    I'm about to overhaul a Jura movement. The rear plate is split in three parts and I'm wondering if there is any special handling required. Do I keep the plate fully assembled or separated in three pieces. What about re-assembly? Does it require special handling>
  4. Bob Reichel

    Trademark identiy

    Can anyone identify this mark. In the places I searched I could not find it.
  5. Bob Reichel

    Schonbergeer, William

    Can anyone give me any info on Vienna clockmaker-William Schonberger?
  6. Bob Reichel

    US official time

    I ocassionally go the "Right now the US official time is" internet site to check my clocks. During the last few months, the time increment on the site is blank and a note says Error, click for details. Has the site gone bad or is my computer misconfigured. Also, I can't close the screen...
  7. Bob Reichel

    Cuckoo Chain

    Have a Regula #A34-85 on the bench. It is not orginal to the case. The chain that came in with the clock was bad.y distended with lots of open links-indicating the installed chain was skipping sprocket (7 tooth) and the chain were not a match. I installed a new 48 link chain and carefully...
  8. Bob Reichel

    Paper dial glueing

    Looking for a more forgiving glue than the spray glues. I so many times find indexing the new dial very difficult. What are you using? Is there a good adhesive or glue that can be adjusted for index during the application. The old mfg'rs used horse hide glue, which in time deteroriated.
  9. Bob Reichel

    German mantlle clock-"ANKRA"

    Have unmarked, Made in Germanhy, 1920' 1930's mantle clock, movement. 'ANKRA' on the dial. Anybody know any more about the company or the movement maker?
  10. Bob Reichel

    hamilton Sangamo Style S-405

    Grandson cleans out Grandma's attic and finds a small tambour clock. Its a Hamilton Sangamo and he brings it to the clock repair shop because when he plugged it in, it would not run. The clock repairman looks it over and with some coaxing and oiling the pivots its made to run. The question...
  11. Bob Reichel

    Japanese Wall Clock style name

    What is the formal name for this type of Japanese Wall clock?
  12. Bob Reichel

    Seth Thomas model?

    What is the model name or number for the 32" octogan long drop, thirty day running clock?
  13. Bob Reichel

    Vienna Regulator cord selection

    What is the traditional or accepted proper cord replacement for Vienna Regulator? When they come in for overhaul they contain a duke's mixture of materials. Usually the customer says leave it the way it is. But, I would like to know what it "should" be. Braided cord (?colored), or gut or what?
  14. Bob Reichel

    It can happen!

    A gentleman brought me in what he said was a French wall clock. He bought it at an auction "NOT RUNNING'. He carred it in in a suitcase. It turned out to be an old Asian near copy of an Ansonia "Haban". The movement was unmarked American in horrible shape. After full rebushing, servicing...
  15. Bob Reichel

    Swedish Mora-cording problem

    Have an early Mora Swedish tall case movement without cords or weights. Need to understand the threading system on the barrels and how to attach weights. Don't have weights in hand but will get picture soon and weight of weights. The wooden barrels have two holes in each-one hole in the...
  16. Bob Reichel

    Tall case identity

    Saw this tall case locally and wondered what its origin might be. This is all the info I have.
  17. Bob Reichel

    Golden Hour

    After cleaning and resealing glass to gear ring, Golden Hour runs too fast. Does this mean replace motor?
  18. Bob Reichel

    Seth Thomas electric

    I'm trying to confirm a theory. Had this Seth Thomas A502-001 movement which the rotor was replaced on. This movement is a direct drive train with two springs. The time train is in direct wheel drive the same as the spring windings. Putting some tension on the two springs-it took over 36...
  19. Bob Reichel

    M5A rotor intermittent

    What to do about an intermittent M5A rotor that runs, but shut it off and it may not start without tapping it hard. The supply houses I've polled are not carrying it. BR
  20. Bob Reichel

    Auto clock conversions

    Classic automobile club members are asking about quartz conversions to their failed electric dashboard clocks. Can anyone lead us to that information?

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