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  1. mlschlot

    movement part Need the 5th Wheel from a Seth Thomas 5165 or 5169 Series Marine Clock Movement

    I'll take the entire movement (5165 or 5169) to get the 5th wheel (Seth Thomas PN R-18689) for a clock I'm restoring. Please contact me via PM if you have one. Thanks very much. Regards -- Mike
  2. mlschlot

    1947 Herschede Electric Tubular Chime Clock Won't Chime

    I'm working on a 5 Tube Tubular Chime Herschede from 1947 that will not chime or strike. From what I can see, the problem appears to be in the motion works on the front plate where the marked lever is not being pulled to the left at the quarter hour strike warning. Something appears to be...
  3. mlschlot

    Looking to Purchase Old 8-32 x 1/2" Steel Flat Head Machine Screws

    I'm trying to complete the restoration of an old (1919) deck clock and need four 8-32 x 1/2" Steel, Flat Head machine screws. Does anybody have any this size (or longer) they are willing to part with? I've already tried eBay, Google and the Internet in general. No joy! The modern stuff...
  4. mlschlot

    Circa 1924 American Chime Clock Company Case #35 Beveled Glass

    I just finished repairing an American Chime Clock Company #35 tall case clock ("Longcase Clocks and Standing Regulators Part 1", by Tran Duy Ly, pg 17). The movement had been lunched by the owner's moving company and was put in good running order. However, the owner stated in passing that the...
  5. mlschlot

    Westclox 12 volt Automotive Clock Repair

    Can anyone tell me a little about Westclox 12VDC automotive clocks? Do they use a sealed stator and rotor assembly similar to the Telechron AC powered clocks? Or, are they operated more or less from an electronic controller board? I received an inquiry about repairing one (photos attached)...
  6. mlschlot

    Can anyone ID this Part?

    A Howard Miller Grandfather clock is being advertised for sale not far from me. The clock looks to me to be a 1980s vintage, Westminster chime tall case. However, what's interesting is the owner has a decorative hook that has been packed with the clock. I'm trying to get the hook dimensions...
  7. mlschlot

    EN Welch "Patti" Replacement Mainsprings

    Does anyone know of a source for replacement Welch "Patti" mainsprings (0.013" x 5/16" x 72") or anything longer that can be cut down? I have a "Patti" VP I'm currently working on and two of the mainsprings are damaged. One on the strike train has the slot end broken out, but I can shorten it...
  8. mlschlot

    Junghans "Cuckoo" Mantle Clock Dating.

    Just finished rebuilding a somewhat neglected Junghans "Cuckoo" Mantle clock. This is a real gem compared to the mass produced Regula and Herbert Herr cuckoo clocks that typically come through the door. Has anyone run across one of these who can put an approximate date of manufacture to it...
  9. mlschlot

    Barrel Bound Mainspring?

    I was reading an old article in the May, 1996 edition of the "Horological Times" discussing mainspring inspection and maintenance. In the article one of the faults listed in the mainspring inspection topic was "barrel bound". However, the author never explained what this meant. I've never...
  10. mlschlot

    Moebius Synthetic Clock Mainspring Grease?

    Without going into my reasons, I've been slowly switching over to using only Moebius synthetic oils for clock and watch applications. The one place I haven't made the switch is clock mainspring grease. I've reviewed the Moebius technical sheets for their synthetic greases and think their 9550...
  11. mlschlot

    Assistance Needed for Repair of a Herschede 9-Tube Chiming Clock

    I have been contacted by a lady in Dadeville, Alabama whose Herschede 9-tube hall clock has broken a weight cable. As I am located some 230 miles away from Dadeville, she is a tad outside my service area. The NAWCC Business Directory doesn't contain any listings for Montgomery / Auburn. Does...
  12. mlschlot

    I Need to Examine a Chelsea 12" Wardroom Clock

    Does anyone own, or can put me in contact with someone who has a Chelsea 12" 'Wardroom' clock that I could travel to, examine, photograph, and take measurements of their clock's bezel? I am currently restoring a 1919 Chelsea 12" 'Wardroom' clock, which needs a new bezel. The original part is...
  13. mlschlot

    Ansonia Key?

    Just found this US #6 key. Did Ansonia ever use this style? If so, was it for a specific clock model or during a specific time frame in Ansonia's history? I'm use to finding labeled and unlabeled keys whose wing shape matches that of the logo reproduction keys that have been available for...
  14. mlschlot

    Who Painted This Picture???

    I was dismayed to learn of Tom Moberg's retirement, but also happy for him. I greatly admire his work, and am fortunate enough to have several of his tablets adorning clocks I've restored. I wish he and his wife well in their future endeavors. While looking at the work of various artists...
  15. mlschlot

    Schatz Triple Chime Shutoff

    I recently finished overhauling a sweet little 80's vintage Schatz Bracket clock with triple chimes. Eleven bushings across all three trains and a lot of tweaking on the chime cylinder later, the clock is running like a North Dakota nose in February, chiming and striking properly. Here's the...
  16. mlschlot

    Mainsprings for Schatz 2-Jewel Ships Bell

    I have two Schatz ship's bell clocks with the 2-jewel (14400 BPH) movement that I recently overhauled. The mainsprings and barrels were completely cleaned, greased and repacked as part of the complete movement rebuild. Both clocks have been running like a nose since completing the work, except...
  17. mlschlot

    Repair Info for a German Perpetual Calendar Clock

    I've been slowly working on this 1880's vintage German perpetual calendar clock I came across. I haven't been able to determine anything in the way of the maker's name. An old sticker in the case states the clock was brought back from Rotenburg (near Hamburg), Germany in 1968. There is no...
  18. mlschlot

    Ansonia Swing Clock Statue Finishes

    Using Tran Du Ly's "Ansonia Clocks & Watches" as my reference, have the various statue patinas (Syrian Bronze, Art Nouveau, Barbedienne, Verde, etc) listed on pages 701, 703 - 705, and 707 ever been cataloged and cross-referenced to color photographs illustrating the appearance and specific...
  19. mlschlot

    Trying to ID a West German Movement

    I have a nice little West Germany vintage bracket/carriage clock that somewhere along the line had it's original movement replaced with a quartz movement. The clock originally had an eight day time and strike movement (2 train) with the arbor spacing as follows: Arbor to Arbor = 50mm, Arbor...
  20. mlschlot

    Asa Munger Questions

    I just scored a 1829 Asa Munger Ironing Board top mantel clock at auction today. However, it's missing both weights. I have some questions: What do the original weights look like and how much should they weigh? Were the weights hung using compound pulleys, or did each train have a single...

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