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    Help with learning more about recent Banjo purchase (by a newbie)

    I suggest you contact Schmitt-Horan directly with your concerns about the timepiece. Ray Rice
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    E.C. Brewster Clock - Is it special?

    You certainly got your moneys worth. With some work it could be a "special" clock. The dial, I'm sure, has been replaced --the original may be underneath it. Somebody "repaired" it in the past --note the Rathbun bushing. It appears the case was stripped sometime in the past --not sure what to...
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    New astrolabe clock

    An amazing piece of work! Congratulations. Ray Rice
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    Ridgeway Wallmount

    If it was mine, I'd run to the pawn shop before they come to their senses. Ray Rice
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    E. Howard Banjo Clock just inherited. Need info please.

    My guestimate, if you can find an interested buyer, would be in the area of $100. Its not a collectible clock, really a "decorator" item. Ray Rice
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    E. Howard Banjo Clock just inherited. Need info please.

    The clock's sentimental value is huge --it's monetary value is miniscule. You need not increase your insurance. Ray Rice
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    Seth Thomas 9 1/2 International Time Recorder Co

    I would look closely at how the dial is attached. I think its possible the dial may not have come with that case. Ray Rice
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    Crane Model B

    RM, as always, your posts are fascinating! I'm curious about the back story of your latest clock acquisition. Ray Rice, enjoying Spring in Rifton
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    Aaron Willard tall case

    A very nice clock. Enjoy it! Ray Rice
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    Mother in laws mystery clock

    I neglected to mention that Tran shows it in the 1886 New Haven catalog (with a list price of $65). Ray
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    Mother in laws mystery clock

    I believe what she has is a "New Haven Hall Clock No. 1", pictured on page 187 of Tran Duy Ly's "American Clocks, Volume one". I have the same clock. Mine is also missing the Geneva stops. Mine has a sweep second hand--which I think is kind of uncommon in a tall case clock. Ray Rice
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    Dey Time Register

    The ribbon on mine is solid black, 1 5/16" wide, the recording strip for the drum is 3" wide x 30" long and the entries are "1" thru "150". The selector dial is labeled "In" "out", "in" out" and "in out" for all the selector tabs. If you PM me with your mailing address I will send you some...
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    Historical Clock Case Ledger

    Wonderful news! It couldn't have a better home! Ray Rice
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    Historical Clock Case Ledger

    Looks like the source material for an interesting book. I certainly hope that it winds up in the possession of someone who will make the information available via a book or museum. Not surprisingly, the eBay auction had a lot of "sniper bidding" --the price went from $300 to $3601 in the last...
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    Ansonia Question

    Here is a contemporary Ansonia, called the "Loire". Note the similarity of the frieze and the columns. This is how the manufacturers could create different clocks using standard components--probably for different price points. Ray Rice
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    Ansonia Zenith Crystal Regulator

    Beautiful restoration! Ray Rice
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    Inherited Ridgeway Grandfather Clock - Estimated Value?

    In my experience, they used the simplest (cheapest) locks. You should be able to pick it with no more than a piece of bent coat hanger wire. Ray Rice
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    Atmos servicing/maintenance cost?

    Well, I'm as "common" as they come and I have owned a half dozen Atmos, over the years. I have never paid more than $150 for one, and most of mine have been excellent runners. I have purchased them at estate sales and auctions. IBM, Texaco, and I'm sure many other companies gave them as 25 year...
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    When is it acceptable to change a part of a clock's original design ?

    ChrisCam, Your clock = your choice! Ray Rice

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