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    Daniel De St Lue & John Terrill Pain

    Hello Allan, Thank you for starting this catalog of his work. I have attached photos of Daniel St. Leu number 3011. It has London hallmarks for 1776. Note: I reviewed some of the examples in your list. Number 2703 is hallmarked for 1771 and not 1776. Pete at Cogs & Pieces made a mistake in...
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    18th c Finding my way around a verge fusee

    Hi Jennifer, Graham is correct in that the issue with timing cannot be definitively determined without a thorough inspection. When I mentioned the balance spring and the crown wheel wear, I only intended to highlight possible causes. Balance springs are fragile. Usually due to amateur repair...
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    18th c Finding my way around a verge fusee

    Graham, Some famous watch makers are known for the quality of the movements sold from their shops. How much of the quality of a good watch is in the finishing? How much of that quality is to do with the smaller shops the watchmaker collaborated with? Were end stones the work of the...
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    18th c Finding my way around a verge fusee

    Hello Jenny, Welcome to the forum. Generally, it would be better news if the watch was running slow. Running fast could be an indication that the crown wheel is worn or the balance spring is too short. The Tompion regulator is adjusted via the arbor on the back surrounded by the circular...
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    Willam Dent, Sedan watch/clock

    I really like the dial! Very unique! I have several sedan clocks with verge movements, but none with such a beautiful metal dial. If and when you resilver the dial, please post photos. R/ Chris
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    Computer Simulation of Earnshaw’s Detent Escapement

    Thank you Graham! That is the BEST video I have seen illustrating the escapement! It was exactly what I was hoping to find earlier in my searches. I'm glad Mr. Redfern understood the curiosity of his fellow collectors and difficulty of direct observation. Thank you, Chris
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    Computer Simulation of Earnshaw’s Detent Escapement

    Hello, I recently discovered an engineering journal paper entitled " Modeling, Motion Study, and Computer Simulation of Thomas Earnshaw's Chronometer Detent Escapement Mechanism". The paper is publicly available for free download at the link below...
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    John R. Arnold Keyless Wind Watches: Prest Patent

    Number 199 sold today at Bonham's of London for £3,187 (including commission) which was the low estimate. I believe part of the issue was that Bonham's only posted one grainy photo of watch with no photos of the movement. I recommend that if you sell at auction that you insist on a complete...
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    Fusee Verge London Dutch Fake- Help

    It is definitely fake, but I find the misspelled inscription interesting. It appears to be signed "R. Rosekeel Leverpool", which would be intent on faking a Robert Roskell of Liverpool watch. The hallmarks appear to be fake to me, but some of the experts may be able to give their assessments...
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    John R. Arnold Keyless Wind Watches: Prest Patent

    For those that are interested, I believe number 199 is being shown today and tomorrow Sep 7 prior to 1:00 PM BST. I will post a link on Sept 8th of the results. Best of luck to Simon.
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    Sedan clock

    Please could you post photos? Thank you, Chris
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    Paul Chamberlain catalog piece has surfaced!

    Hello, I just came across a record from an auction for a movement that appeared to be in a Chamberlain case. Upon checking my references, I was able to confirm that this movement was in fact part of Paul Chamberlain's watch collection! I am requesting permission to post the photos here. Its...
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    Center Seconds verge fusee by Henry Brownbill

    Hello Graham, Thank you for the assessment & information. Yes, I agree with you on endstone. For it to be original it should be secured within a steel setting with screws. Upon inspection, the endstone is a functional jeweled pivot so it is not cosmetic as we both expected. It appears to...
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    How to get the back off of a Joseph Olorenshaw pocket watch case

    I believe it may be hinged on the front at the 12 o'clock. Please could you send a photo of the dial with the front cover open? R/ Chris
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    Samuel Johnson’s pocket watch

    Hello Cbl, Welcome to the forum. Please could you post some photos of the watch? Watchmakers engraved their name, city, and sometimes a serial number on the back of mechanism. Who made this famous watch? I know many will be excited to learn more about your watch and its history. Kind...
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    Watch Paper Printing Plate: Robert Alston of Dunfermline?

    Hi Karl, I very much look forward to seeing more photos of your Robert Alston watch! Kind Regards, Chris
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    Center Seconds verge fusee by Henry Brownbill

    Hello, I recently acquired my first center seconds verge fusee pocket watch. This one is by Henry Brownbill of Leeds (No. 6120) and came from the estate of actress & 1950s radio personality Alice Frost. The seller provided a reference for Brownbill that reads "Brownbill, Hy. Leeds. 1780 He...
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    M.I. Tobias Rack Lever: Age?

    Allan/Ethan, Thank you for the information. It does resemble Allan's Roskell quite a bit! Ethan, I appreciate the reference to the other thread. I was worried the "J" might indicate it is not authentic, but its interesting to learn that for some engraving styles of the time it is difficult...
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    M.I. Tobias Rack Lever: Age?

    Hello, I have seen a few examples of M.I. Tobias rack levers. I have attached photos of mine. I know there are a lot of fake Tobias watches out there. I assume this rack lever is authentic? As I understand it, Tobias was a retailer? Does anyone have a guess on which firm actually made this...
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    Watch Paper Printing Plate: Robert Alston of Dunfermline?

    Thank you all for the information! I rely entirely on Baillie's Watchmakers and Clockmakers of the World. Thank you for the additional references.

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