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    Patek Philippe chronograph found,need to ID

    its fake, chinese, probably seagull. first is the philips screws in the back.. patek watches dont have those :o swiss watches have propper screws. second is the chonograph with the date and month and 24 hr dials. thats very standard chinese movement. see many copy rolex and omega tag etc...
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    English PW Miyota stem removal

    thats an easy one.. is a very common movement, there should be a little dot on the setting lever, just press it down with the tweezers. I borrowed your pic and modifided, hope you dont mind. its where the arrow points. Click Here *EMMA*
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    Cleaning Machines

    um.. he was just round the corner from australia fair.. worked in a little hole in the wall.. retired in january, and died in february.. he sold out to the jewellers next door, i believe. it was young street, next to the adult store.. I think it paul anderson jewellers, he's in the phone...
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    Cleaning Machines

    there is one at a watchmaker just closed down in southport.. might be worth making some enquirys.. its an elma, same as mine, the old guy has since died, and i believe the jewellers next door bought him out.. lots of elma machines floating around here.. *EMMA*
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    Omega Model Idendification

    thanks Cary.. just got to say that this is one of the nicest movements I've ever worked on. its well designed, simple ( counted 26 parts, including wheels and balance complete) and all the screws are well made, interchangable, and niceley finished. this is a very nice balance of form and...
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    Omega Model Idendification

    if u lift the tin spacer ring out, it probably even says?? *EM*
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    Omega Model Idendification

    hmmm.. guessing 265.. someone will know.. emma.. nice watch.. not intersted in selling the dial are you? *EMMA*
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    Weight versus rate

    Where did you put the screws, Dr Jon? ive put washers under the mean time screws before to make it work.. but really a new hairspring is a better way to fix it i would imagine. got a picture? *EM*
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    restoring an omega cal. 265 dial

    Thanks Paolo and Cary. I will be looking for a dial refinisher soon, all those nice pictures have got me enthusiastic about this one. who can you recommend? also, Paolo, what Crystal should this be fitted with? a plexi doesnt really do it justice, i dont think. thanks again. *EMMA*
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    restoring an omega cal. 265 dial

    see, that got your attention. I came by an omega calibre 265 watch today. its rather nice, has an original crown, stainless case, and a very nice movement. I have been looking for one of these for a while. the dial lets it down though, its pretty grotty. in my experience, the gunk and colour on...
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    stolen Parts and tools and watches.

    gosh, I never thought I would be posting here. on friday night I had a break in in the unit where I live, someone(s) put a pipe wrench on the door and just walked in. I'm ok, (asleep in the other room) just a little shakey this week. however, some tools have gone missing, also some clock...
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    escapement wheel repair

    Fred.. I am sure you can repair it so it wont fail, but other things would be more of a concern to me with that type of repair. one is the changes that heating the wheel would have on the temper of the steel, and second is the balance and changes to the clearance of the wheel. interesting...
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    What does a pendulum do

    colleen.. the purpose of the pendulum is regulate the speed of the clock. a pendulum of a given length will rock from side to side over a certain timeframe. it has know other purpose in a clock. most can be varied in length to regulate the speed of the clock. *EMMA*
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    Need help with a broken winding wheel screw.

    if it makes you feel better, we have all done this. it mostly happens with the smallest ladies watches, go figure, and there are a few ways to fix it. first is to buy a new barrel arbour. if its a swiss movement with parts available, thats the cheapest way, usually. another way is to make a new...
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    loose pillars

    these should be riveted, probably a little hammer would be best, rather than a punch that will indent the back of the plate. the plate should be flat. originally they were peined off and cleaned up later, (probably just with a file) so tighten them up and clean up the tops as best you can, it...
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    How do YOU prep a steel graver?

    I bought a JMW clock co diamond graver lap from england.. love it, its quick and easy and perfect every time. expensive tho... *EMMA*
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    ESA 9162 Tuning fork movement

    I tried to PM you drlime, and it says I cant. I would love a copy of this, as I have one here to do I have been procrastinating a little. I wonder if you would be kind enough to copy me to the email. hope you can send it, would really appreciate it.. *EMMA* Gold coast
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    bergeon isnt as good as it used to be i bought a couple of new ones (larger sizes) recently, and they werent even paralell on the end.. they are also expensive. dont know if there is much else out there though.. having said that I have two sets i use every day of the week, one set travels with...
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    Have Alcohol lamps been improved???

    mine hasnt improved any.. I havent given up hope yet though.. :) *EMMA*
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    English PW english lever

    just so you know,you may never find one that fits exactly on all 6 pins. these movements are hand finished, and its very unusual to find parts that can be interchanged. I have a box of them, but they are just about all different.. dont like to be a prophet of doom, but just letting you know...

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