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    ATO Junghans ATO battery clock

    This is my first time posting in the electric forum. A friend of mine is downsizing to a smaller house and is selling off some of his collection. I'm really more into clocks in the 200 year old range, but this one looked interesting. It uses a special 1 1/2 volt battery, naturally, the battery...
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    Seth Thomas Sonora 5 bell # 14

    A friend is downsizing and selling off some of his collection and I have picked up a few. This one is a Sonora 5 Bell #14 according to Tran's Seth Thomas Volume 1. It runs well; chimes are quiet pleasant, but the case is rather plain. With a price of $36 in 1911, it appears that this must have...
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    Urania Manufacturer?

    This is a first time post in the "400 day" section--I've always avoided "Anniversary" clocks and post-war cuckoos, but a friend of mine is downsizing to a smaller home and was selling off part of his collection. I was fortunate to buy a number of clocks including two "Urania's". I have an old...
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    $ Chelsea Mark 1 Deck Clock

    A friend of mine is downsizing to a smaller home and is selling a few items from his collection. I purchased this Chelsea " Mark 1 Deck Clock U. S. Navy 10092 1941". The works is marked "Chelsea Clock Co. Boston, 291852". The dial is 5 1/2" and the case has an overall diameter of 8". This clock...
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    Elisha Manross Steeple with Balloon Ascension Tablet

    A friend of mine is downsizing, and in the process, is selling off a few clocks, for which he will not have room in his Florida abode. I bought several, Including this steeple. I'm not really a fan of simple steeples, but I'm a pushover for a pretty tablet. Ray Rice
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    Chinese Novelty Clock, Shaving Monkey Version

    Ordinarily, I avoid Chinese clocks like the plague, but this one was part of a " box lot" at a local auction, so I took a flyer. The case is very heavy, solid brass. The clock works fine, while the monkey, very animatedly, shaves the old gentleman with a straight razor. (Judging from the other...
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    Seth Thomas Pillar and Splat, with questions

    I recently picked this one up at auction -- it obviously has suffered a number of travails over the last 180 years. Judging from the burn marks on the back it spent some time too close to a flue. The time weight was jammed up into the pulley, and i suspect someone tried to force the clock to...
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    Ingersoll Watch Event Counter

    Hi, I have never posted anything over here on the watch side –I'm a regular over on the clock forums. A friend of mine recently purchased a rather miscellaneous box lot at an auction and this was amongst the “treasures” in the lot. This started out in life as an Ingersoll dollar watch, but...
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    Samuel Terry 30 hour carved pillar and splat

    This is my latest acquisition, from a local auction this evening. A Samuel Terry 30 hour carved pillar and splat. It appears to have had a troubled past –the repair dates on the back of the dial are: 1883,1886,1887,1891,1892,1900, and 1940. Both the works and the case are marked “Repaired and...
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    Jeromes & Darrow (case only)

    I bought a couple of clocks at a local auction this evening. I could tell that this Jeromes & Darrow had a troubled life, judging by the folk art tablet, relocated arbor holes in the dial, and oddly positioned pendulum hanger. But, for $15, I took a flyer. The back of the dial has repair...
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    NY Times Article concerning alleged counterfeit Chinese Clocks

    The NY Times Saturday Edition for December 22, 2018, has an interesting article on alleged current copies of Chinese automaton clocks. You should be able to view the article by googling "NY TIMES clocks" They Look Like the Emperors’ Clocks. But Are They Real? Ray Rice
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    ST Tudor # 1from a barn sale

    I went to a barn sale yesterday in search of antique equipment (I struck out) but I pulled this out of a box of junk. According to Tran du Luys "ST Vol 1", it's a Tudor #1 from 1889. The works are marked "Plymouth" and the clock paper is marked "Thomaston". Probably a transition piece? Note the...
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    Tiffany Clock, German works

    This is recent estate auction purchase, a Tiffany shelf/mantle clock. I'm curious as to who manufactured the works – the only marking is Germany and “145593”. It strikes Westminster on 4 gongs and the hour on a larger gong. (It has a great sound – much richer and with greater resonance than I...
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    "Vienna" "Regulator" style clock

    I usually stick to acquiring 19th century American clocks but occasionally I will stray. Tonight, when the auctioneer had trouble getting a $25 opening bid, I figured "Why not?" (I can resist anything but temptation!) This specimen is 48" tall with time and strike. The top piece (I'm not sure...
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    Meshuge message board

    Note to administrators: Message boards and forums are not new technology. There are systems all over the internet which perform these functions quite gracefully. Please restore the old system and continue to debug the new system, offline, sparing the members any further annoyance. Ray Rice
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    Another Banjo Patent Timepiece

    I picked this one up at last nights multi-estate auction. I thought it looked REALLY bad but it was REALLY cheap so I took a flyer and it came home with me. Its had a hard life, but on closer examination, I think its interesting. It has a "t-bridge" movement which I think makes it pretty early...
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    Seth Thomas Office Calendar?

    Well, I don't see one like this very often (fortunately)! I attended an auction this afternoon and this specimen was on offer. My guess is that it started out as a Seth Thomas Office Calendar, weight driven with seconds pendulum, but oh what modifications it has seen! It had a birdhouse like...
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    Sawin and Dyar Banjo

    I acquired another clock at last weeks auction, a Sawin and Dyar banjo. I hadn't intended to buy this one, but when the auctioneer ran out of bids, I couldn't resist. It appears to be mostly original, with the exception of the missing sidearms. (Personally, I prefer it without the sidearms.)...
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    Hotchkiss and Benedict (Munger)

    My newest acquisition is a Hotchkiss and Benedict with an Asa Munger works. I attended a local "Americana" auction which listed about 35 Federal period American clocks. There were 4 Munger clocks and I came home with one. There were a number of interesting clocks which were tempting but I was...
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    Charles Stratton, WW, Holden, Mass. 1839

    Last night, at a local estate auction, I picked a Charles Stratton 30 hr. wooden works. Its in a plain column and splat case with a Charles Stratton Holden Mass, 1839 label. Sometime, in a prior life, I believe the tablet was replaced with a print and a wooden backer. (Maybe it originally had a...

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