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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    JJ, a great clock! Enjoy. BOB
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    I recently picked up this #70 Regulator at auction. It's a good example of how Seth Thomas used a simple and relatively inexpensive case design mated with a fine and accurate timepiece weight movement (the #68). This expanded its market to include less affluent commercial buyers whose...
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    Nice Seth Thomas clocks...... Here's a #63 Regulator in mahogany. It utilizes the huge and accurate #68 weight movement with jewelled pallets. It's 76" high with a 14" dial. BOB
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    Sidney Clock Information

    The Seth Thomas movement is absolutely correct....I owned a Sidney Advertiser that came to me right out of a hotel in Upstate NY were it hung since new....and the timpiece, spring-driven movement was signed Seth Thomas. Your case is something else again and I can't even venture a guess...
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    Seth Thomas #18 Regulator Parts Needed

    Guys, the eBay hands don't look like they belong to a Seth 18" dial....but maybe it's the weird angle of the photos. Easy enough to ask the seller for exact measurements. BOB
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    Second hand on weight driven clock

    Make sure the hand is secure on the pipe and isn't "speeding up" because its loose. BOB
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    Jeremy: Yes, that's correct. See the picture of the "pin" I'm talking about. it's 1.75" long. Seth used this method of dial attachment with these pins on several regulators that I know of: #'s 16, 19, 32, 62, 63, 70. Alternatively, I've also seen dials secured from the front with 4...
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    ST No 18 weight

    The #18 Reg. movement takes a 6" X 2" weight @ about 7 lbs. BOB
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    Jeremy: The movement is indeed the #62, beating seconds. The dial is soldered to the bezel and is attached to the movement via 4 long screw pins inserted thru the studs at the back of the dial which fit into holes in the movement plate. Let me know if I can be of additional help. BOB
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    Post your Seth Thomas clocks here.

    This is a seldom-seen Seth #32 Regulator in old oak with its original finish, dial, nickel accessories, etc. The lettering on the glass is also old. BOB
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    Seth Thomas # 2 troubles

    Boy, talk about clueless! This is not tough stuff. Since the postmaster is typically a long-term employee, why not see if he (she) would take on the job of winding? Bob
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    Gilbert school house clock

    Kevin, the bezel and glass might be available from one of the clock supply houses. Try Timesavers or Merritts. Your dial originally had a trim ring and the holes are where it was attached. I'm not sure if one would be available from a supply house but you could check. Good luck with your...
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    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. Chris, to my knowledge, it wasn't on lease I didn't buy it there; it was a private transaction. BOB
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    Original Seth Thomas Wall Clock?

    Sure is a marriage. That case wasn't born in Thomaston. Bob
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    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. A Chelsea "Ball" Regulator. Not many of these were made. BOB
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    Alligator Finish; What to do about it?

    When I see a clock I'm after that has an alligatored finish.....I thank my lucky stars! It's becoming harder to find cases that have been left to age without being "improved" by stripping, amalgamating, shining, polishing, rubbing, buffing, etc., etc., The most I do to these finishes is...
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    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Your newest aquisition. Volume 2 Recently bought this ST#3 "Ball." Fine original finish oak case. BOB
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    Your newest acquisition. Volume 7

    Re: Your newest aquisition. Clockpoor, that's a fine example....very nice. BOB
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    Finally got an Seth Thomas 19

    The #19 has a certain "look" that always pleases. Bruce, congrats. on a beautiful acquisition. BOB
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    Needed ST Regulator 16 bottom finial photo

    Dan, go to Tran's Seth book, 3rd Ed., Vol. 1 p. 294 (or the earlier edition at a different page), where you'll find a narrative on the #16 & #19 Regulators. The earlier #16 cases were 1.25" thinner. Here's pix of the thin-case version and the bottom half-finial. BOB

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