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  1. David S

    How do I mark ALL forums read?

    Hi all, A few days ago I could mark all forums read by clicking on the horological education button on the left of the corresponding forum. It would take me to a New page with the mark forum read icon visible. This is now missing. David
  2. David S

    Function How long can can I edit my post?

    Hi, At one time I thought there was a time limit on how long a post remained open in order to edit it. Lately I have noticed that I can still edit my post after a few days, and I just noticed that on one post I did in 2015 it still lets me edit it. query on smoothing broaches... David
  3. David S

    Seth Thomas American Help with info on Seth Thomas shelf clock

    Hi folks, A customer brought me an old Seth Thomas clock in reasonable condition and he would like some more info on it. It has the round movement and stamped Plymouth on the front plate. The dial has a zinc dial pan, but the dial itself is thick paper glued to the dial pan. The label is in...
  4. David S

    Waterbury patent sept22, 1874 won't run or strike

    I have a customer that likes getting clocks from his local auction. He contacted me and asked me to look at it for him. When his wife brought it in I asked her to stay so we could do a quick look inside. Time side looks ok, except for a broken minute hand, ALL the strike side wheels, levers...
  5. David S

    Help A message on my profile

    Hi, I am familiar with someone starting a conversation (PM) with me. However recently I got an alert that someone posted a message on my profile. Which indeed there is. Now is this visible to everyone? How is it different from starting a conversation? Thank you David
  6. David S

    Help What happened to our donation money counter?

    Just noticed that the donation bar seems to me pretty low. I thought it was doing quite well the other day. David
  7. David S

    Japy Freres - timing marks

    Hi guys, First experience with one of these french movements. Looks like the rack tail was jammed against the 12 - 1 rise on the snail and then perhaps someone kept cranking the hand until things got distorted (aka bent). And as my luck has it, it has the obligatory solder blob on the rack...
  8. David S

    Help Mark forums read option

    Just wondering if there is any simple way to put something on the "Mark forum read" window that pops up to "not show this again". If I select it is because I want to, and don't want to always do the second step. I know this is minor and there are more important things to do...but... David
  9. David S

    Need some help with another Thread

    Hi Folks, I don't want to mess things up between the forums, but I have posted in the clocks general forum and have got some help from Nick, but I haven't seen some of the people that frequent the repair site visit there. To try and get a wider audience can you take a look at this link Old...
  10. David S

    Old long case - identification

    Hi Folks, Need some help here. I got a couple of clocks in today and one is what appears to be an old T&S long case movement. I don't have the case and only have a couple of poor pictures of it. It is quite plain. Here is what I know so far. T&S with only hour hand. Painted on steel pan...
  11. David S

    Members online in BOLD

    Hi Folks, opps I notice that some names appear in bold in the area that indicates members on line. How much do I have to donate to get my name in BOLD .? David
  12. David S

    Anyone know where Tinker Dwight is?

    I know I could post this in some of the other, and perhaps more appropriate forums, but less frequented. Tinker has provided lots of content here with his technical insight. It has been about a month now and I miss his contribution. I sent him a PM...opps conversation.... but no response...
  13. David S

    Country Flag Identification

    I don't recognize all of the country flags that appear below a persons name on the left. In my other Xenforo site, when I hover over the flag it identifies the country of origin, so I know it is possible. Is it possible to turn it on here. I like to know where folks are from. David
  14. David S

    "start conversation" old "PM" function ??

    I know I tried the start conversation feature on the Beta site, but can't seem to find it here. This is the vbulletin "private message" feature. EDIT: Now I remember there should be a "contact" box below a persons avatar. Please point the way. David
  15. David S

    Is the MB still having issues?

    I keep seeing the green dot that says there are new posts in the clock repair forum, but when I do there, I don't see any new posts. Also when I hit the "mark all forums read" button way down the page, I get a data base error. David
  16. David S

    Hurricane Harvey

    I hope all of our members and families who may be affected by Hurricane Harvey are safe and with minimal damage. Sincerely, David
  17. David S

    New Haven 8 day bank regulator Time Piece Calendar

    My friend won the subject clock at a local auction, all happy since he was looking for a calendar clock. He brought it over and it was missing the calendar hand. We took the dial off and low and behold the gear that drives the calendar hand is missing. I have searched around and found a...
  18. David S

    Is someone screwing around with this mb forum?

    All of a sudden noticed that the governance stuff is now at the bottom of my page , rather than at the top. Something on my end? or or or ??? David
  19. David S

    Seth Thomas "Column style 3" questions

    My friend finally got the "clock of his dreams"...seriously??? It is a Seth Thomas Column style 3, 30 hour weight driven S&T clock. I posted this in the clock general forum and Sooth helped to pin down the identification. It is circa 1850 -1855. Truly the oldest one I have worked on so...
  20. David S

    Seth Thomas half column circa 1850 - 55?

    Hi folks, I am not a collector and have no idea what the value of clocks are. I live most of my time over in the "Clock Repair" forum. My friend has been looking for a "special" old clock for 5 years and the other day told me he was bidding on a local auction for a "seasons" clock. I...

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