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    Help with case and dial restoration.

    Hello, I adopted yet another Moon Dial wall clock from Sligh. I've noticed a few areas on the case where it seems a little rough/old. What would you recommend for cleaning that up? Also, the numbers have fallen off the dial, what could I use to remove the old glue without damaging the dial...
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    Help with an Emperor Hermle mantle clock.

    I bought another Emperor mantle clock, this time with a Hermle movement in it. Sadly, the movement detached during shipment and was trashed. Thankfully the dial is alright. There is a few smudges here and there though that I'd like to clean off, how would I go about doing that? I thought of...
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    Help with Emperor-Jauch moon dial mantel clock.

    I bought an Emperor moon dial mantle clock recently. It was described as parts/repairs, given the previous buyer received it with the case broken and the movement having detached from the case. However, aside from a broken suspension spring (which is why there's no pendulum atm) it works...

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