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    Help needed with Wolf Jahn tailstock

    I recently bought this tailstock, which has missing parts. I thought it would just be a cam/lever that was needed, but not so.There is no cutout to the spindle support tube to allow access to the actual spindle. Looking down the support tube shows no cutout or slits etc. Could this be a factory...
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    Inside a g.boley headstock pulley

    I recently bought a G. Boley headstock with the usual chipped pulley, except this one had damage to all the pulleys making it un-repairable, and I could not budge the grubscrew. Luckily I managed to tap the spindle through the pulley. In order to keep some originality, I decided to turn off the...
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    1910 Boley drilling machine

    I came across this rare item some time ago. It is un-named, but identified by an illustration in Britten's Watch and Clockmakers Handbook 15th ed. and a website on horological drilling machines (thanks Welfalck!) The first pic. is as I received it - just the bare bones. It takes 6.5mm Boley...
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    Boley 6.5mm stepped ring collets (fir tree shape)

    Hi all, I recently had the luck to find a complete set of 5 Boley 6.5mm stepped ring chucks (fir tree shape) These expand on a short taper on the lathe nose as the drawbar is tightened. Not all lathes have this taper, and sods law says mine does not. I may have to grind a taper myself, but the...
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    Novel tailstock lock

    This is a ww Boley type lathe tailstock I bought some time ago. The locking system is obviously wrong, but interesting. It consists of a disc with the hole offset by about 0.007", creating a cam effect which bears against the locating pin in the body of the tailstock. Photos show item as bought...
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    Steffen pahlow Lorch lathe catalogues

    I cannot access these catalogues online - I get "requested URL not available on this server" Anyone else having this problem? (win7 chrome) Dave.

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