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  1. Jim Haney

    Duplicating Hamilton late 992B "Black" hand bluing

    When you were not looking someone painted them. :eek: I am convinced that these hands are painted black. They used them in the 1950-60's towards the end of production and would not have spent the extra time & money on a Heating process........ I have looked at them under a scope and they...
  2. Jim Haney

    "Frankenstein" or" Franken" Watch

    Lee, I am getting to old to understand jokes, Help me out next time and use some Similes :) ....
  3. Jim Haney

    "Frankenstein" or" Franken" Watch

    Just the way it is spelled "Frank""en" "stein" Enter the name in the translator box and click on the speaker for sound.
  4. Jim Haney

    Hamilton 992B Serial Numbers

    This is a chart from the IHC web site and may be questionable, but it is what it is, and better than we have in the Price Guide or the Pocketwatchdatabase. C001-C13000..............................1940-1941* C13001-C37900..........................1941-1942...
  5. Jim Haney

    Hamilton 992B Serial Numbers

    Bob, We know that the last one made (Not counting the 4992B & 950B dials plates in the 1970's)and presented to the President in 1969 C529xxx and we also know that in the last 10 years 1960 to 1970 only 30K watches were made, so average out the 30,000 over 10 years and in the last few years...
  6. Jim Haney

    Hamilton 992B Serial Numbers

    Bob, These 992B are very popular now because alot of collectors would have been born in the years of their production if you have a serial number like C280000-C300000, I feel fairly certain that watch would have been made in my birth year of 1949. I have most of the Price Guides and the...
  7. Jim Haney

    Master Navigation Watches: A-9; A-13; 5740; and 5740-1

    Another Elgin 581 Military, looks like from the Last run. Serial # 42078228. The plate is not stamped like most of these watches? The Balance is not Invar, the cut is at the arm. Elgin Data Base (Wayne Schlitt's) says that 20,080 of these grade 581 were made, however we don't know if all...
  8. Jim Haney

    Hamilton 992B Serial Numbers

    Bob, The NAWCC Library has look up records for the 992B up until 10K or a little less. The Hamilton Finishing records only go up to about 1933...
  9. Jim Haney

    A true Frankenstein watch

    Cort, He was a popular Jeweler in Cincinnati. This is another one in Good Condition.
  10. Jim Haney

    BWC Pocket watch details unknown.

    Mack, Welcome to the NAWCC Forums. :) The watch will have a fine line around the middle that you can pry open with a very thin blade. The Gold, or Gold Filled marking will be inside the rear cover.
  11. Jim Haney

    Duplicating Hamilton late 992B "Black" hand bluing

    Reread the opening post, he wants BLACK hands, not BLUE. The 992B had Black hands in later runs...
  12. Jim Haney

    Duplicating Hamilton late 992B "Black" hand bluing

    My formula would be black spray paint. ;)
  13. Jim Haney

    Search for Hamilton 950

    Bob, Until they can get the Search function working, it would easier for you to look in the stickies threads at the top of the Pocket Watch forum, then click on Hamilton Watch Co.and go down the list until you locate the subject you are seeking info on...
  14. Jim Haney

    Why no love for Hamilton/Ball 23 J?

    Lee, You are searching in the wrong place. Rhett Lucke has the best Ball-Hamilton information on his web site. Run 605001-605800-16s- Quantity-800-999N-1913-1914 Gold Seal Ball.s Pat'd HS stud mixed with 21 & 23J
  15. Jim Haney

    2021 A Good Time Was Had by All

    Well, If you are a clock guy..... where is the other half of the NAWCC......... It is amazing that no watch pictures were taken... Obvious bias..... :eek:
  16. Jim Haney

    'Mainliner' Case

    The 992B was introduced in the Fall, Nov. 4th 1940, so it would be unlikely that a 992B would be sold in the Mainliner case.
  17. Jim Haney

    Hamilton OF Decagon Pocket Watch Production Date

    This is a copy of the Hamilton Finishing records from the NAWCC Library The watch may have spent several years in a jewelers inventory, however Hamilton Finished the watch by 8-8-1925.. Both of your sources are incorrect.
  18. Jim Haney

    Muckle Case Questions

    It would depend on the condition. From your pictures it looks like the Lids go past 90 degrees, , etc wear, etc. A top condition Muckle case can bring $500, however in average or below average condition they would only bring about $150-250......
  19. Jim Haney

    Muckle Case Questions

    Tocayo You have a Elgin 18 size Stem wind, Lever set watch made about 1885. It has 11 Jewels. You Muckle case is worth more than the watch Search Results For "1896897" Serial Number SN Range Quanty Name Year grade size code jewels Adj/reg/etc. -------------- -------- ------ ---- ----...
  20. Jim Haney

    'Mainliner' Case

    Welcome Chris to the NAWCC Forums and I will try and answer your question. For some background info on the Mainliner read this thread. The Mainliner was introduced for the 950E and was packaged with a Mainliner Locomotive on...

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