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  1. UncleDoc

    Welby 400 day Face touchup

    Looking for suggestions on what to use to repair the face of one of my latest 400 day clocks. The dark portion appears to have been rubbed off while unloved in storage. I just want to give it enough coverage to look good from a medium distance. Clock finally keeps great time. Love it.
  2. UncleDoc

    Clock ID please

    Golfed with a friend of mine today and learned he has a clock needing attention. He said it has run fairly recently. Pics attached. Hpefully they're good enough for basic ID. Frank Herschede Co/Hershede Hall Clock. Thanks folks.
  3. UncleDoc

    Pronunciation Question

    How do you pronounce Atmos? Sounds silly, but I can't quite figure it out. Thanks. Duane
  4. UncleDoc

    Revisiting my Kundo from last year

    Recall that I resurrected this clock last year. I got it to keep pretty decent time and it had been running continuously (aside from a few stoppages due to where it was living-not exactly rock solid) since then. It finally stopped after about nine months, but the winding arbor won't turn...
  5. UncleDoc

    Shopping for Dial Indicator

    Does anyone have a suggestion/preference for a particular dial indicator for use on a Sherlne lathe? I know there are a million choices, but I'd rather not make a mistake, as funds are finite. Thanks. Duane
  6. UncleDoc

    Dual-wheel grinder for tool sharpening

    I'm finding lots of info out there on how to grind lathe tools, but need help setting up my grinder. Sherline says to start with 60 grit, but if I have dual wheels what would be considered a good pair of grit size on either side? Ready to order, just need some help. Thanks. Duane
  7. UncleDoc

    Lathe cutting tools/accessories

    Having had a few days to play with my lathe, I am wondering about sources (other than Sherline in CA) of cutting tools and the like. The post triggering this question was one by Jerry Keiffer regarding his strategy of not sharpening HSS tools, but using carbide tools and just replacing when...
  8. UncleDoc

    Sherline Lathe will arrive tomorrow

    Finally ordered a Sherline 4530 Lathe Package B. It's due to be delivered tomorrow. Aside from normal set-up, what should my first order of business be to begin my learning curve? This should be fun. Duane
  9. UncleDoc

    New Oval Kundo Pickup

    Found this unusual (to me) Kundo with oblong dome. I figure the dome was worth the asking price ($25), I think it's a 1379C, which takes a 0.0023' spring. Missing the bottom block, but I have a spare. Any comments are welcome. Hope everyone is having some degree of fun. Nice day of...
  10. UncleDoc

    Little French clock

    My friend came by with this little French clock. He's asking a boatload of money for it, so I laughed and passed. It doesn't run. You would think that fact alone would temper price expectations, but nope. He's listing it with Craig at 5 boxes of ziti. It's cute, but not worth what he's...
  11. UncleDoc

    Movement ID

    Just got a wall clock this morning from my friend Henry. The movement appears to be German. Any thoughts would be appreciated. No pendulum. Duane
  12. UncleDoc

    Suspension Unit Holding Screw/Block Screw

    I'm not 100% sure of the correct terminology, but I've see both of these in Terwilliger. My miniature DeBruce is missing the upper block screw (or I lost it). Clock doesn't want to run with a loosely inserted tapered pin. Looked on Timesavers but see no obvious direct replacement, though...
  13. UncleDoc

    Glue for enamel dial repair

    I have an enamel dial from a French clock that sustained damage in shipping from an eBay seller (longs story, resolved), I was able to save the majority of the chipped off pieces and can reconstruct the dial with them...for the most part. The center will be a challenge, but I'll tackle that...
  14. UncleDoc

    Spring measurement from Terwilliger too short

    Worked on the little DeBruce 400 day clock this wekend. Winding arbor had lost it's connection with the mainspring and the click was messed up, so apart it came. Fixed each...separately so I had to put it back together twice. I'm definitely getting better at that. Patience is a virtue. Just...
  15. UncleDoc

    Little Yale Clock Co, New Haven

    Found this for $5 locally in a shop. Doesn't currently run, missing the minute hand, but I thought it worth rescuing. Smallest pendulum clock I've ever seen. All gummed up. Hopefully I can get it running. How to I shop for new hands from the Timesavers catalog (or wherever)? Do I measure...
  16. UncleDoc

    Three new acquisitions

    One mechanical and two electric. They were cheap enough and my wife (who asked if I wanted the Sherline Lathe for Christmas. I'm about 3/4 of the way there money wise) said I needed them. The Hammond is the nicest. in my opinion. Marble or Onyx?
  17. UncleDoc

    Interesting Display of Automobile Clocks

    Ran across this display of automobile clocks in a shop we visit now and again. All seemed reasonably priced for an antique shop, but I'm wondering if there's a reference for information on clocks in this general category. Didn't buy any since I know very little about them. Duane
  18. UncleDoc

    De Bruce Anniversary Clock

    Picked this up on the way home from work via Craigslist. Got it for $10, with the understanding that it wasn't working. Small chip in the dome that will hide nicely when rotated to the back. First thing I noticed when I got it home was the suspension spring looked odd. Not straight, but...
  19. UncleDoc

    Anniversary Present from my wife

    Very cute little birdcage clock. Bird moves on the tick tok. Combines two things I love.
  20. UncleDoc

    Potential New Purchase

    My antique guy sent me pics of a wall clock (attached). Not sure about price, but he knows I'm cheap. Identification help is appreciated. Duane

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