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    20th c Need Info on an American-cased Swiss Watch Cal AS 1361N

    I look at it this way: A lot of the old timer watchmakers used this as an excuse to miss commitments. "I'm still waiting on the part", had that one pulled on me a few times. If the entire ebauche system was common knowledge, things would have been different. 17+ companies making movements and...
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    Mini Restoration of Girard Perregaux for my mom

    Gerard Perregaux didn't make the movement, it is an ebauche made by another company: Unitas 190. Most companies didn't make their own womens movements, exceptions being LeCoultre and Omega among others. Great job on the service, most guys just don't work on womens watches because they are too...
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    Bulova Oceanographer 333ft 10kt Gold bezel

    I bought a new Oceanographer around 1971? It was about $140 which could almost get you into Rolex country at the time. The early Oceanographers were purpose built diving watches. The style went on for several years and then Bulova started making the models like you have. More of a takeoff on a...
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    20th c Need Info on an American-cased Swiss Watch Cal AS 1361N

    The AS1361 is the Chevrolet of Swiss ebauche automatic movements. It is a very good movement, easy to work on (for its time) and very reliable. It was used in some of the most expensive watches and some of the mid range brands. Benrus used it, Rayville used it, Wyler used it, Jules Borel used...
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    Help Identify Vacheron Constantin

    Yes it is genuine. The movement is a LeCoultre (V/C) 13L 468/470/478 one of those depending upon sweep second sub second or no second. VC and LeCoultre were joined at the hip they used the same Ebauche and assembled watches for each other. Many LeCoultres for the US market were assembled by VC...
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    1970s Cartier Pre-Must Ghost watches! Cartier Stepped Tank Jumbo etc

    There was a big write up that was from either the Swiss or Cartier showing a steam roller running over a huge pile of fake Cartier watches Google "cartier steam roller smashing fakes" and you'll see it there.
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    1970s Cartier Pre-Must Ghost watches! Cartier Stepped Tank Jumbo etc

    I seem to recall a special tiny coding letters on the Roman Numeral for 7. I always thought these plated watches were gold on silver. A steam roller smashing a bushel of fakes.
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    Old Vulcain Cricket, 14k, info desired

    Try to find a Cricket to buy, very difficult. I've owned many of the various alarm watches, Memovox, Seiko, Bulova, Omega, there were dozens of Swiss ones all using the AS 1475 movement. I left a lot of my hearing in Vietnam and none of the mentioned watches would even get my attention let alone...
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    Gruen Dials

    FYI: I found genuine Gruen 117/119 parts on Otto Frei's website. Vintage used movements are $200-250 on Ebay. New cannon pinions are $18, common wheels are less than $20 as well. I believe that these were parts for the 115? but all interchange. They must have purchased a large quantity of Gruen...
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    The perfect Seikos

    My favorite Seiko is a 5106-7000. Very rare and complicated. 33J winds both with the rotor and stem wound. Hacks quick sets. Daini section of Seiko. 60s. Definitely not your average Seiko.
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    What are YOU wearing today? Please share!

    The Elgin watch is called Nautilus if I recall. I have 4 of them. Nice AS1361 movement, the Chevrolet of Automatics. Wonderful bullet proof movements that are easy to work on and NO CALENDAR! You couldn't beat the quality in these Swiss Elgins of the time period.
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    Gruen Dials

    I'm a great admirer of the Fins. They took on Mother Russia and whipped them flat the first time. Worked with Germany out of necessity. Sounds like a good plan for retirement. If you ever need anything get in touch with me as I have tons of this stuff. Thanks for the help Barney. Dave
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    Gruen Dials

    Thanks Barney, I started out with two so-so working movements and now I might get one working. They are 100 years old. All the winding/setting pieces are fragile. Two completely shot cannon pinions. Tried to tighten one up with the Cannon pinion tool and of course got it too tight. Right now...
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    Gruen Dials

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    Gruen Dials

    Been away for years. I thought perhaps Doug or someone more familiar with Gruens could answer this question: I'm working on one of the Alpina Quadron movements a 119. The dial appears to be made from Silver. Did they ever make a dial from silver? Gruens are very interesting and cheap. I'm amazed...
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    Unknown movement

    looks like a Peseux except for the balance bridge. Many of their plates had this square angle look. Great ebauche.
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    Elgin wrist watch problem

    Thanks for the clarification. My opinions on Elgin are just what I've experienced and from old watchmakers who worked on them and several who worked in the Elgin factory when they were young. I don't think that the NAWCC: "I don't understand why this forum or organisation supports...
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    Help with movement identification please....

    My Paulson Fingerprint shows 2 13L that are very close: Thommen 37-12 and 38-12. Thommen would be the Revue name D
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    Elgin wrist watch problem

    These watches were very innovative when first produced. They used a shock absorbing system on the balance that is nothing but a Wyler Incaflex, a fabulously effective system but alas,, Wyler sued them and made them stop using it. The self winding train uses three jewels that operate something...

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