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  1. Carl Bergquist

    What have I got myself into?

    While visiting in Denver a few weeks ago I made it known to some of the younger relatives that if they were interested in an old clock that they could pick any one of mine and they could have it. No takers. Much to my surprise yesterday one young couple said that they liked-----one of my Seth...
  2. Carl Bergquist

    Another Conundrum

    Pictured is a clock that the MB helped me with last winter. "We" did lots of things to it and solved most of the problems. It has an escapement very similar to an Ansonia VE only the action is between the plates not out front. It has been running for a couple of months and been through many...
  3. Carl Bergquist

    Too far gone?

    Time side click on a Seth Thomas 89 J. Came to me with the click spring disengaged from the click. Turns out that the mainspring had been replaced at some point with a much too strong and shorter mainspring. I have ordered a correct mainspring. I can make this wheel work, but should I. It has a...
  4. Carl Bergquist

    Is this pallet pin too worn?

    Still trying to get this escapement to be reliable. I have rebushed the escape pivots and the next wheel down and the train has plenty of power. If you followed my last thread, I have been concerned about how non-radial I need to set the entrance pallet in order to get the clock moving at all...
  5. Carl Bergquist

    Pin pallet escape question.

    I have the booklet by Robert Porter on the pin Pallet escape. This booklet basically wants the flats of the pins to be radial to the center of the escape wheel. He uses the Ansonia type visible escape and the pins span 11 teeth of the 30 tooth wheel. I have a very old pin pallet escapement with...
  6. Carl Bergquist

    One Gong to many and one Bim Bam too few.

    Here are the videos of my Neuchatel in action that this board has been helping me with. What I think it is trying to do is-- strike the hour with the lower hammer with the upper hammer being blocked--- then unblock the upper hammer and Bim Bam the quarter with the two hammers. What it is doing...
  7. Carl Bergquist

    Pin wheel help.

    I just begin testing a rather complex movement with a large pin wheel that drives two hammers. Much to my dismay when I begin watching the action of the hammer tails on the pins the action was so bad that the wheel actually "studdered" as the tail went over the pin. I did polish the hammer...
  8. Carl Bergquist

    Power left in these two barrels.

    Pictured is the gear arrangement in what I believe is a Neuchatel two train movement. I let the power down in both barrels by simply letting them run down. After convincing myself that they would not destroy gears (both barrels were loose) I took the ratchet mechanisms off and lifted the back...
  9. Carl Bergquist

    Help with ghosts.

    My Seth Thomas dial with the brass numerals very carefully removed. As you can see the ghosts of the numbers are as readable as the numbers. I don't want the dial to look any newer, I just would like it to look cleaner. I know that Dawn and a soft cloth is about as aggressive as you can get...
  10. Carl Bergquist

    Clock cleaners

    I am on my last reload of my cleaning solution for my UC. I have always used Historic Timekeepers from Timesavers. I don't use much of this stuff, my bottle is probably ten years old. Is it now off the market? Timesavers does not show it, nor Merrits. I was always fairly happy with Historic...
  11. Carl Bergquist

    Clock from a airplane club member.

    This is a clock that a member of my airplane club (RC Club) asked me to look at. From the case I guessed it was an Hamburg American. It was really dirty and the face was just hanging of the center shaft. I thought it would be easy to find the maker but the winged trademark has eluded me so far...
  12. Carl Bergquist

    Crutch and pendulum leader interaction.

    This is an Ansonia Madrid. Normal Ansonia VE movement with an 8 marked on the back leg. Movement runs but only when it wants to. I turned it around today to look at the pendulum action. This clock seems to be very difficult to get a good feeling for the beat. I begin watching the crutch...
  13. Carl Bergquist

    Microset II

    I have a Microset II in my bag of tricks and I use it once in a while. I have had it for many years so there must be a bunch of them out there. Mine is the cheap version so I can't plug it into a computer. I was having trouble setting the beat on an Ansonia today (my wife claims I can't hear) so...
  14. Carl Bergquist

    A Gilbert that has had a rough life

    The pictures below are an old Gilbert movement with a very interesting dial feature. I have found a good picture of what this beat adjuster is supposed to look like. If one tried to rebush the top of this it would be very easy to create the mess that you see. The back view (third picture) shows...
  15. Carl Bergquist

    Ansonia B 24 problem solved

    This is just a big THANK YOU to this forum. To all the newbies, I hope you appreciate how much knowledge is contained in the archives. I am not a newbie but far from a pro. I have been chasing my tail around trying to set the strike on an Ansonia B 24 movement, being very well acquainted with...
  16. Carl Bergquist

    A Neuchatel project.

    Pictured below is a clock I found about thirty years ago. I didn't know what it was but the movement amazed me and I saved my money and bought it. At the time I was a member of chapter 47 (Milwaukee) and learned from the members that I had a Neuchatel, but details beyond that were not very...
  17. Carl Bergquist

    Altitude Problem

    This problem has been discussed many times over the years, but here it goes again. I have a three weight Vienna that has been running quite well in my basement for over a year. I also have a two weight upstairs that has been getting persnickety. So I thought I would trade places with the two. It...
  18. Carl Bergquist

    To fix this or live with it.

    I have had this for many years. It has been running most of the time but can get fussy. So I took it off the wall and set it up in my basement. With the face off I was surprised how out of level the movement looked. The back of the clock has only one set of screw holes (five) and the two that...
  19. Carl Bergquist

    Is it broken?

    The left pinwheel with the related hammer mechanism (eighteen pins) and the right pinwheel with the hammer mechanism. ( nine pins) Off of a three train movement. Do I have a broken part or does the number of pins account for the difference? I know that setting these up is going to be hard. I...
  20. Carl Bergquist


    A few years back I was told to take all the clock parts from a very good friends estate. There were some very nice movements and other stuff but not well documented or organized. Mostly Ansonia visible escape movements but a few "other". I have posted one of the "others". I think it is a very...

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