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    Replacing Seiko back cover

    Trying to replace back of Wifes Seiko after installing new battery. Darn thing won't stay snapped on. I'm afraid to put too much pressure. I can see some slight raised portions on the back that are suppose to snap in. Any secrets to doing this. Thanks Terry
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    214 accutron runs fast

    Again trying my hand at repairing an Accutron 214. After doing a half ass service I got it running. Problem is it ran 5 mins fast overnight, not within any adjustment. I've read that the newer 1.5 batteries can cause this. I shake too much to try phasing or anything more complex. Will a...
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    Bulova Accutron repair help

    218 Bulova accutron running, hums, but hour and min hand don't move. Seems to be a common problem. Second hand moves with good motion. I've been researching this and have gotten two different theories. It is either the cannon pinion is loose and slipping or it is stuck, rusted. Have only...
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    Bulova Accutron easy fix

    While researching the Bulova 214 and 218 accutrons I remember reading about an easy fix to try. By the life of me I can't find it, hours looking. It claimed that the fix worked 75 percent of the time. Another guy said he always tried it first and his worked only 25 percent. Had to do with...
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    LeCoultre Lamp Post clock balance staff

    Friend asked me if I could put a staff in a Lecoultre Street Lamp clock. Never messed with anything other than American pocket watches. Been searching for the last 2 hours for information. I can find a staff for the movement #229 on Ebay and they are spendy. After reading about this movement...
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    Tempus Fugit mantel clock

    Friends asked me to see if I could fix their mantel clock. The only inscription is the Tempus Fugit on the dial. I see that means time flies. I am trying to identify the clock, maker, country etc. Attached are a couple of pictures. Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Terry
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    Hamilton Bar Tube replacement

    A couple of years ago someone posted about a replacement for the tube on Hamiltons bar over crown. I bought a couple and they worked great and looked good. They were from a jewelry hobby making parts internet store . For the life of me I can't find the information anymore. Thanks Terry
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    Burlington 16s mainspring

    I am confused on which number mainspring to order. Burlington 16s ser#2199591. mod 4 grade 185. Trying to fix a friends family watch. Spring is a t end and about 268-270 wide. Thanks T
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    Hamilton melamine dial

    Purchased Hamilton 992b for repair and add to collection. Came with this dial that I am not familiar with. Thought it was a cheap after market but don't know for sure. After some research it appears to be an original melamine dial. What threw me was it looks so cheap. I've attempted to...
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    Stem for Bunn?

    Trying to repair a 16s Illinois Bunn 21j. Broken stem. Attaches is a pic. Any ideas on how to come up with the right one. The case is perfect so I want to use it. Thanks T
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    Waltham Premier 21j Railroad?

    When I look up my watch on the pocket watch data base it says not railroad approved. There are a couple on ebay that state RR approved and the web site states as such. My serial number is right in the middle of those. My movement has exactly the same markings. Can anyone advise me on why...
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    Help with balance staff ID

    Bought a vile of what was described as Waltham 18s balance staffs. There are 2 sizes. The longer one is 6 mm, the other one is 5.85. My caliper is from Harbor Freight so these measurements are a little iffy. Can anyone give an educated guess on their number? Thanks T
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    Hamilton 18s dial?

    Trying to identify an 18s Hamilton. I'm unable to open case, tried everything but channel locks. Is this dial original or could it be after market? Thanks for any help. I'm hoping that the dial will tell the experts what the movement could be. T
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    18s Hunter case BW Raymond 17j unusual

    Here are a couple of pictures of a hunter case that has crystals front and back, like a display case. Although I have not been in this hobby for that long I haven't come across a case like this. I believe it is gold plated or rolled but am not sure. It has a picture of a little girl that I...
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    Marco mainspring number guide

    Came across a box of Marco mainsprings. Does anyone know where I can see a list of numbers Marco uses so I can tell what watch they would go to? Most of them have a watch listed on the package but I have numerous that only have the Marco number. Example, No.3112, width 1.80, strength .11...
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    Crescent watch case, what movement

    Came across this beautiful C.W.C 18s hunter case and looking for advice on what movement would do it justice. It is unusual due to crystals on both sides like a display case would have. I haven't been in the pocket watch hobby that long but have never come across another case like this one...
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    Ball Commercial Standard?

    Picked up this movement today, running. Pocket watch data base has it as Ball Waltham. Ser#B025075. Dial reads Ball Watch Co Cleveland..Every Ball Waltham I've seen has the gold emblem on the movement. Is this some kind of Swiss fake? Any info would be greatly appreciated. Thanks T
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    Seth Thomas lever set

    Posted last year and am still looking for a solution. Seth Thomas two tone 18s Ser#237280. Real nice clean running movement but the tip of the lever set is gone. It seems like this was a problem because I can't find a working part for a replacement. Any advice would be greatly appreciated...
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    Re staffing Elging Father Time?

    Making a second attempt at replacing a balance staff. First one, Hamilton 974 didn't go too well, ruined hairspring. Now I'm working on an Elgin Father Time. Been watching videos for a week and took parts of everyone in an attempt to learn. Things went better today. Worked for hours for...
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    Need info on Hamilton 992 mainspring

    Need help in trying to order a mainspring for a 992 ser#791299. 2,82 wide 0.18 thick 21" long. I've been researching this for an hour and have come up with several different numbers, 317,318,718042. I have a couple of parts 16s hamiltons would any of their mainspring work? Thanks Terry

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