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    Gouvernon, Geneve

    Recently, I had an opportunity to inspect a Gouvernon, Geneve, open-face watch of 20 1/2 "' size, 3/4 plate, with a cylinder escapement and gold balance. It was housed in an original, unmarked, silver case bearing the same number as the movement. Both the watch dial, and the movement itself...
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    Miroglio's clock

    Small, incomplete, tower clock with a pin-wheel escapement carries on the auxiliary dial the inscription: 'Flli. (Brothers) Miroglio, Torino' (see pictures). It is also known that the firm: 'Brothers Miroglio' was active in the early 20th century. But how to date this specific clock...
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    David Forster of Dublin

    Not too much is known about this Irish watch/clock maker of Dublin. In the new Loomes List he is recorded, among 34 watchmakers/clockmakers of the same last name, as active in the period 1826-1868, and Charles Forster (his son?) is mentioned as his successor (1868-1874). The Dublin City...
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    Isaac Larpent, Copenhagen

    I am trying to get some more detailed information on this Danish watch maker, than only a few partially questionable words provided on the subject in the new Loomes List. Larpent certainly worked for a period longer than three decades before he joined forces with Juergensen. How many and what...
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    Movado's tourbillon

    Kathleen Pritchard in her list of Swiss timepiece makers noted a MOVADO's watch model called 'Tourbillon'. Does anybody know any details about this watch model? Any information would be appreciated.
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    Watchmaker's tools?

    The presented, homemade tools were found in a workshop of an old watchmaker. What they were used for?
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    Geneva Watch Co.

    A 16 size (19 1/2''') Swiss hunter watch bears on its cuvette (dome) the following inscription: 'Ancre/Ligne Droitee/15 Rubies/Remontoire/GENEVE/No 98607'. Is it justified to assume that this watch was manufactured by the Geneva Watch Co. , Geneve, which in 1905 succeeded J. J. Badollet? The...
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    Swiss Watch Maker

    A good gold Swiss hunter watch, possibly of ca. 1880-1890, is marked only inside the front dome of its case. The marks, in addition to the watch serial number, show an 'Imperial Crown', the number '56' and '14K' (see picture). '56' is an old Russian measure for the quality of gold, equivalent...
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    Watch Case Inscription

    In a box of horological material an OF, 20''', rather flat, nickel watch case was found. On its back, it carries an inscription: (arrow)/G. S. T. P./(number) - see picture. Any information on the meaning of this inscription would be appreciated.
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    Recently I had an opportunity to inspect a small collection of the Swiss button watches (see pictures). They differed in quality, makers, and somewhat in size. Mostly, they were anonymous, and were equipped with cylinder escapements. Most of them were housed in gun metal cases. However, one of...
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    Illinois Watches

    It would be greatly appreciated if someone with an access to the Dr. Snyder's disk could provide me with the detailed information on two Illinois Watch Company's watches of 1886: (1)SN 647,598, and (2)SN 685,023. Thank you in anticipation.
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    Jules Jurgenson's Automatic Date

    My experience with collecting wristwatches is quite limited. Recently I worked on a 17 jewels, date/automatic, Jules Jurgenson, H86506-2782, housed in an original case named Jurgentron 141619. Would like to identify this watch better. See its pictures. My guess is that it was made in late...
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    A Watchcase Company

    I have inspected a few pocket watch movements made around 1900 and housed in open-face or hunter cases marked MWCCo. It would be appreciated if a full name and some information on this Company could be provided. Thanks in anticipation.
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    A tool, recently bought at a NAWCC mart, is quite puzzling. It is built on a heavy steel base (155 x100x12 mm or 6x4x1/2 '') and is composed of 3 perpendicular forms (see pictures). Two of them are about 2'' tall, and the third is somewhat shorter. The middle form has a 1 5/8'' cylindrical...
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    English hunter watchcases without crystals

    The hunter pocket watchcases usually provide for use of a thin crystals protecting the watch dials and hands. They are normally fitted to the cases with a bezel. However, it appears that in the early 19th century there were made in England cases which did not use any crystals, like some early...
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    Some Swiss Pocket Watch Cases

    In many situation, if not in a decisive majority of them, it is assumed that the Swiss pocket watch cases were made specifically for specific movements, and that these movement makers and case makers were somehow associated. However, there exist some specialized cases, such as a niello decorated...
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    Identification of a Swiss R epeater

    The only identification marks of this time piece are capital letters HTD and the serial number 13184. They are placed inside the open face, large silver case of a diameter of 67.5 mm. The repeater movement of the diameter of 57.5 mm is of the classical fuse-verge design. Its decorative back...
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    Illinois Watch

    I inspect Illinois watches quite seldom, and that is why I do not have Dr. Snyder’s Data CD. Now, I need information on the Illinois Watch SN 1,955,353. Would someone help? Tank you in anticipation.
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    Ornamental turning

    To repair some decorated pocket watch cases, and to make metal watch dials, ornamental metal turning capability has been considered. For this purpose an old, small (12’’), lathe has been purchased (pictures). Now, more information on this tool is sought. Who made it? (There are not any...
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    Columbus movement?

    Recently I inspected a quality Swiss, anonymous movement (see the attached picture), marked only: 17 jewels, 204991, safety pinion, and adjusted. It had a cut, compensated balance with a Breguet hairspring, and its regulator was of a type of a micrometric screw. Could it be a Columbus movement...

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