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  2. shutterbug

    Repolishing blackmarble French clock

    Nice work! :thumb:
  3. shutterbug

    what should I offer

    I bought one very much like that one (in fact the same year of manufacture) a few years back at auction for $400.00. Since then the price of clocks has plummeted. I think I'd ask the lady what she would take for it. You might be surprised. I remember getting a call from an old man who wanted...
  4. shutterbug

    Wall Clock Winding Problem

    Most of the 31 day clocks are Korean products, and have a special mechanism attached to the lower plate to prevent that very problem. I'm guessing that part might have been removed. We will have to see a pic of the movement. It looks like you could remove the hands, and the dial is only held...
  5. shutterbug

    Help [Amateur] Repairing a Junghans W.278 Mainspring Axle

    Your grandfather is quite the tinkerer! What he has diagnosed as the problem is pretty close. The inner coil of the spring is not catching the winding arbor. You can reach in with needle nose pliers and force that inner loop to a tighter coil so it can catch. However, the bigger issue is...
  6. shutterbug

    Making attachments more searchable

    If you click on the paper clip above any posting window, it will access all of the photo's you've uploaded. I don't know for sure how they are sorted, but you might be able to figure that out when you see them. It's probably by date. It may take some time to load them, and then keep clicking...
  7. shutterbug

    Cuckoo Clock Repair Guides

    They are fairly easy to figure out if you are able to repair a regular two train striker. Just about any book on clock repair or a video course would provide enough information to do the job.
  8. shutterbug

    another use for delrinAF

    My late brother in law, a superb guitarist, used to say "I love the way an accordion sounds when it lands on a banjo in the garbage bin." I guess he was not too fond of either, even though his wife was a state champion accordion player at one time :D
  9. shutterbug

    Fork position

    If you need more over swing, turning the fork side down would help. If the problem is rotation amount, turning it up would help. Otherwise, put it as shown in the book ;)
  10. shutterbug

    Making a small slice in brass to make suspension spring

    Show us a pic of a slitting saw, Uhralt. I'm not sure what one looks like.
  11. shutterbug

    Lock and Drop - again!

    I agree. If you have good lock, meaning neither is landing on the impulse face, then increasing lock will have no effect. The impulse is where pendulum action is generated, and many factors can affect it. EDIT: I wrote this yesterday, and apparently forgot to post it.
  12. shutterbug

    how to adjust speed on Cuckoo Clocks 1050-020 triple-chime movement with balance wheel

    Linden clocks are not high on my list of quality either.
  13. shutterbug

    help keeping time

    Another idea that has not yet been addressed is the Geneva stop principle. The stops were designed to prevent winding the mainspring too tight. If you wind the clock and count the turns, then wind it the next week with a full turn less, the fast end of your issue might be diminished, and the...
  14. shutterbug

    Suspension Spring Gone Rogue

    I can't imagine the scenario you describe unless there were a small, perhaps microscopic tear in it somewhere. Maybe it has loosened up in the brass end?
  15. shutterbug

    Making a small slice in brass to make suspension spring

    They also make thin files for cutting small screw slots. That might work too.
  16. shutterbug

    New Haven 1870s tapered pins for movement plates

    It would be nice if they just made one size, and made them long enough that you could just cut off the parts you don't want. The cut off parts could likely be used sometime too.
  17. shutterbug

    Measuring mainsprings

    I just measure as best I can with a tape measure, and estimate the inner coils. If you're within 6 inches or so, you're good to go
  18. shutterbug

    another use for delrinAF

    Cast iron pans are nice for cooking, but not nice to modern smooth top stoves. They scratch them up. Great for camping though!
  19. shutterbug

    Possible Atmos purchase

    I think if the price is right, take a chance. Worse case scenario is that you learn something and have some useful parts to show for it. Unfortunately, Atmos clocks fetch a pretty high price even when they are not running though.
  20. shutterbug

    Is anyone familiar with this movement?

    It looks like the strike lever has been repurposed to print a letter at each strike. The letters are arranged alphabetically, so my best guess is that it was used as a type of counter for something. Interesting, and definitely not original. It would be challenging to turn it back into a...

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