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    Hamilton 992B Serial Numbers

    I have spent this morning looking for what I was sure was a fairly simple table. A table that had the Cxx..xx - Cyyy..yy year, for each year of production. I did learn that such list would be approximate since watches were not necessarily completed in numeric order. I looked through the...
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    Search for Hamilton 950

    Hi I have been trying to search for all messages related to Hamilton 950, not 950b or 950E just 950. If I type in hamilton 950 or in quotes I get back virtually every message with hamilton in it. If I type in 950 I get back sorry to few characters. Now if I am interested in a 992B or...
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    American PW case Removing Hamilton 992B Movement from Bar over Case

    I started the thread on “Hamilton 992B Randomly Stops” and was pointed in a solution direction. As I have never taken a 992B movement apart to clean I need to ask just a couple of questions to get me started. First question...
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    American PW movement Hamilton 992B Randomly Stops

    I recently acquired a 992B that “likes” to stop. The owner said a new mainspring had been installed and it had been cleaned and oiled. After a visual examination it appeared very clean and I could see the oil bubble in the capped jewels. I wound the watch, set it and placed it FU on the bench to...
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    Watch Open Hamilton Regulator Spring 383A (583040)

    Hi Need the regulator spring 383A / 583040 . Thanks Bob
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    Black Lettering On Movement

    Hi I just read a few threads on restoring the black lettering on movement bridges etc. My question revolves around collectability related to the amount of lettering with missing paint. The question assumes the watch passes whatever mechanical tests, dial appearance, and case integrity we each...
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    Elgin Montgomery Dial

    Hi I have been watching and looking for a particular Montgomery dial on a 571. Did Elgin make a double sunk Montgomery dial with the lettering as on this single sunk dial? I did a number of searches and combination searches lots of dials but never saw one like this double sunk. Thank You Bob
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    Bunn Special erratic Face Down

    Hi I just acquired (from my mailbox) a Bunn Special, 161A, Type 2P. Whenever I get a watch through the mail I take to the bench open the back and try and observe if anything looks wrong under a microscope, ie jewels cracked, pallet stones OK, anything I can see. Next I start to wind and see if...
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    American PW Hamilton 992B Mainspring Options

    Hi Earlier I had posted a general question on mainsprings and received some advice. I have a specific question on Hamilton 992B mainsprings. I searched on Dynavar and Hamilton mainsprings. I found a lot of information, but not exactly what I wanted to know. I see three Dynavar strengths...
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    Bow Pliers

    Hi I have searched the forums using – bow, bow replacement, bow pliers, and other combinations. I have found lots of information but not the specific information I want. I purchased a L. Hugoinoit-Tissot pliers to attempt a repair, see photo. The posts I found spoke about lots of repair...
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    Mainspring vintage or new

    Hi I am new and am about to replace a mainspring in a Hamilton 992B circa 1940. I searched through the site and found 111 msg on mainsprings, read about 15 of the threads. None of the threads came right out and said do not use a vintage ie an original in the bag spring rather than using a new...
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    Pocket Watch Parts Identification

    Hi I have done a number of searches looking for general parts identification sources. From the results it seems many of you have some manual (for example Illustrated Manual of American Watch Movements) or other source of information. Most folks just ask about a specific watch and the...
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    Pocket Watch Bench Key Dimensions

    Hi Just starting to learn how to take apart and put together a pocket watch - and have it still running. I am collecting some tools and thought I could make a set of mainspring let down keys - however. I searched this site and found threads that gave sizes but they were different, some...
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    Pocket Watch timing machine

    Hi I searched around and did not see much at on the Timegrapher type of timing tool. I see some software types available but need to build a sensor. I looked at the various Timegrapher but some of the advertisement state "not for pocket watches". And since they all look alike I guess these...

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