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    Seeking info on what appears to be a Vacheron

    A colleague acquired this a while back at his store, and he is trying to identify the maker. There are no marks on the dial, or movement that we can find. The inside case back has the engraving as pictured. The case is 18 karat gold, and is 42 mm diameter. The crystal is glass , and has a...
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    $ 18 karat Longines pocket watch with enameled case and bow

    I picked this up a while back. The movement was a 19 jewel 17.89, but it was rusted beyond repair. I was having zero luck finding another 19J, so I put a 17J in it, and just had it serviced. It has 18K hallmark inside case back. The case has some really nice blue enamel work, the bow is also...
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    Le Coultre 5 minute repeater?

    I have posted before about a 5 minute repeater that I acquired a while back. It is unsigned, but many thought it was possibly by Le Coultre. I found a photo today that was sent to me by the watchmaker that serviced it for me. It is a pic of the front of the movement with the dial removed. I had...
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    Seeking info on this repeater

    A friend brought this to my shop today. It has a hallmarked 18K gold case, engraved T. F. Cooper, London on inside case back. It is a repeater, but unsigned. Did Cooper build his own movements? Watch is not running, so I cannot test the repeater. I noticed the balance has a rose cut diamond...
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    Need help identifying this pocket watch

    A colleague just acquired this watch, and is trying to find some information about it. It has an 18 karat case, but appears to have a non gold inner case, as shown in photos. He isn't seeking the value, just age and maker. The crystal has a "dimple" in the center, and the back is enameled. Thanks!
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    Seeking info on a Lord Elgin

    I received this in 1982 from my parents for graduation, and I am curious how old it is. I'm assuming late 1940's or early 1950's. Is this about right?
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    $ Seeking value of 5 minute repeater

    I am trying to determine the value of this 18 K gold pocket watch. It has a hunter's case and a cuvette? over movement. I just had it serviced and it is running perfectly, as is the repeater. The movement is not signed, but I have been told it could be a Le Coultre. The only issue with it is the...
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    Have I listed a fake Cartier?

    I bought this from a customer, had my watchmaker service it, and listed in for sale. Someone questioned it's authenticity, and now I am too. Movement is an ETA 2512.Any thoughts?
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    Anyone have a trusted watchmaker to take a look at my LeCoultre minute repeater?

    I just acquired a LeCoultre repeater that needs some attention. It runs, and the repeater is functioning, but when trying to set the time it gets very tight, and will not move more than 5-10 minutes either direction. My watchmaker doesn't want to attempt getting into it, he's worried about parts...
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    New member, need help finding info on a minute repeater I just acquired

    I picked this up today, and I am finding little information about the maker. I ran across this forum, and thought I'd go straight to the experts. It has a 55-56 mm. 18K gold hunter's case. Name on dial is James Kahn, name is also engraved on inside case. It's running and repeater is working...

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