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  1. haneyk

    Quieting a clock

    I have a Sessions H-style wall regulator (time only) that has a lvery oud tick. I'm a light sleeper and would like to be able to quiet the clock so it wouldn't keep me awake. Is there anything that can be done in this regard? I was thinking of perhaps putting some tape or something on the...
  2. haneyk

    Watch repairers in South Central Pennsylvania

    Hey guys, I'm in need of a good watch repairer in my area. I've heard there is one in Chambersburg, PA and Abbottstown, PA. Does anyone have a name and phone number for either of these folks? Or any others in this or the north central Maryland area? Kevin
  3. haneyk

    War message found inside Lincoln's watch

    Check this out: Now if someone could find a picture of the message we could actually read and post it, that would be cool! Kevin
  4. haneyk

    New Haven info. needed

    I just acquired the below clock, which was described as being a New Haven Trent model (no label). I don't have the New Haven book so I was hoping somone could help me place a date on it. It has a 1879 patent date on the dial bezel and an 1881 date on the pendulum. However, with the faux...
  5. haneyk

    Bismark case question

    Another case questions for you experts our there. The mark below is on a watch I just received. I couldn't find anything on it. Is it silver? Silverode? Is Bismark the company or the model? Thanks in advance! Kevin
  6. haneyk

    Illinois Spartan case questions

    I've recently acquired the below Elgin watch in an Illinois Spartan case. My questions are these: 1. Is this in fact chrome plated, as it looks to be? 2. Is there anything special you need to do to polish a chrome case that would be different than a silver case? Is it all right to use a...
  7. haneyk

    Brass bezel cleaning

    What's the best way to get that green corrosion off of a brass clock bezel?
  8. haneyk

    New longcase clock!

    I thought I would share my latest acquisition, a circa 1710 long case clock by Edward Greene. Even though he signed the dial, Thomas Lawley made and signed the movement. It is an excellent timekeeper for being almost 300 years old! Kevin
  9. haneyk

    Post your Jerome clocks here!

    Here are my three Jerome roundsides. I like these clocks for three reasons: 1) they were among the earliest American brass works clocks, only being made in 1838-39, 2) they have a lot of decorative variations, which makes collecting them fun, and 3) they are just plain pretty! Anyone have...
  10. haneyk

    ID needed

    I just picked up this miniature grandfather clock and I was hoping someone could ID the maker. See the dial pic for the symbol. I have seen this before but don't remember the company. It looks to me like this is probably circa 1900. Any thoughts? Kevin
  11. haneyk

    Dating an Atkins London clock

    I just obtained this nice 8-day London model Atkins clock. I think they were made from the 1850's through 1870. Is that right? Is there any way to tell if mine is an earlier or later model? Thanks! Kevin
  12. haneyk

    Criteria for Buying

    I was just wondering what criteria different folks have for buying a pocket watch? I don't collect a certain maker, style, or anything like that. I just collect watches that I think are pretty and that I can carry. I judge them in three areas: the dial, the case, and the movement. A watch...
  13. haneyk

    Hamilton Baldwin

    I saw a nice Hamilton "Baldwin" model 21 jewel pocket watch at an antique mall today. It looked about a 16 size, circa 1920-30s, and it had its original box. I couldn't find anything on this model. Does anyone have any info. on it? Kevin
  14. haneyk

    New England Horological Tour

    I'm going up to the Connecticut, Mass., Vermont area next week. I'm planning to stop and see the Watch & Clock Museum in Bristol. Any other good horological stops I should make, both of the museum type and the clock shop/antique mall type? Kevin
  15. haneyk

    Strange French Verge?

    Below are some pics of a watch that is signed "KYNDEREN A PARIS", which Ballies lists as working in the early 18th century. The owner of the watch claims the watch is wound through the center arbor on the front, which he claims winds the watch without turning the hands (if that's so, how do you...
  16. haneyk

    Waterbury Movement ID

    I picked up this Waterbury movement at an antique mall. I have three questions I was hoping someone could answer: 1. What kind of clock did this go in? 2. Is it an 8-day or 30-hour movement? 3. About how old is it? Thanks in advance! Kevin
  17. haneyk

    Thomas Acorn clock?

    I saw a clock in a shop today that I wish I had gotten a better look at. It was supposedly a Seth Thomas mantel clock circa 1880's, about 18" high, with open fretwork and finely carved acorns on the top. It had a rather plain wood case and a nicely painted tablet. I thought it might be an...
  18. haneyk

    English PW Champleve dial restoration - Before & After Pics

    Thought you guys might be interested in seeing pictures of my circa 1695 Pierre Durand verge fusee watch. The first picture is how it came to me, with modern stamped hands and all of the enameling gone from the dial. The other picture is after I reblackened the numerals with india ink and...
  19. haneyk

    American Woodworks Clock Mystery

    Gentlemen, I have the two below-pictured clocks, one supposedly by Oliver Weldon and the other by Charles Stratton. They were obviously made by the same maker, as the case style, movement, hands, and label (except for the name) are identical. I have three questions. 1. Who actually made...
  20. haneyk

    Forestville Grandmother Clock?

    Hey guys, take a look at the below clock I picked up last weekend. I'm hoping someone out there can tell me exactly what I have. I'm hoping it is an original and rare Forestville grandmother clock, circa 1850, but I don't know. I've never seen one like this mentioned anywhere. It is 67" tall...

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