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  1. pwrudy

    Marine: Hamilton 21 serial numbers(Factory Records)

    Glorious! Thank you very much for the quick answer and the detailed explanation. I knew it would be hard to decipher these codes.
  2. pwrudy

    Need Date Mfg in Coventry by C. J. Richardson / F. W. Reeley & Sons

    Beleive me or not, these hack watches were actually used for simple chrongraph purposes, e.g. to stop the elapsed time in a dog race or for short period stopping. You can tell this by the outer chapter of your watch which shows "300" (300 fifths of a second to the minute). If the hack function...
  3. pwrudy

    Need Date Mfg in Coventry by C. J. Richardson / F. W. Reeley & Sons

    Your watch certainly dates from 1900 (Chester mark), because the casemaker mark is from Charles James Richardson, Cornwall House, Cornwall Rd., Coventry, registered 11-24-1899. Richardson's is one of the bigger Coventry watch manufacturers - much smaller than Rotherhams though - but they made...
  4. pwrudy

    Marine: Hamilton 21 serial numbers(Factory Records)

    I have looked up my mod. 21 serial number, which is 2E6890, with the similar marking on the dial ("N" in a circle and 6890). Nothing unusual though. The ledger notes 64-1578 as buyer on 10-26-44. Could anyone explain who that may be? I guess it's the government as well, but is there a key to...
  5. pwrudy

    Oversize Saxonia nickel pocket watch, Dresden

    Please note that 'Saxonia' is just an allegory of the kingdom of Saxony like 'Germania' would be the allegory of Germany, 'Britannia' of Great Britain and so on. She is, however, NOT a patron saint because she never existed as a person. In the early 1900s, it was very popular to have watch...
  6. pwrudy

    Roskopf watches, aren't these usually low grade?

    It would be extremely interesting for me to know if your watch has a pin lever escapement or a lateral club-tooth lever.
  7. pwrudy

    Union Watch - Glashutte

    Please note: This is a 'Union Glocke' watch (movement) which has to be determined from a 'Union Tempel' as depicted. The former (cheaper) type used mainly swiss parts (as far as I know from memory, the whole watch was swiss), the latter temple type was made in Glashütte Germany. We call your...
  8. pwrudy

    Looking for info

    This may be a Le Coultre raw movement (ebauche), but for me, it looks very much like a Meylan movement because of the flush GJS. This is a quality comparable to Patek Philippe. I would like to see the escapament more closely.
  9. pwrudy

    German (?) Pocket Watch

    Let me just add that this is a super-rare original Glashütte watch in 1A quality (this is NOT the official title of this grade), i.e. diamond end stone and 20 jewels. One plate screw is missing the other replaced, but the whole thing (definitely a Jeannot &Shiebler 18k case) is exceptional...
  10. pwrudy

    Hyde & Sons London Paris Pocket Watch (Question on hallmark)

    My best guess: this is a Neuchatel mark before they introduced the common swiss hallmarks in the 1880s. This watch may date from the 1840s, it is clearly a swiss ebauche (cal IV according to Chapiro, used about 1835-1850). It is NOT intended being a swiss fake, the company expressly refers to...
  11. pwrudy

    Swiss pocket watch

    Sorry for my mistakes, Peter. Yes, of course, I mistyped 'Barbezat' and omitted the 'C' which still does not directly lead to more information on a specific company name 'C. Barbezat-Juvet' which may serve as a manufacturer of movement or/and dial. The 'potance' was a good hint - of course, it...
  12. pwrudy

    Any clue as to this European watch?

    I forgot to mention that of course the case is NOT original - this is an open face case with a hunter movement which is not quite perfectly fitting. The inscription on the dust cover matches the movement - IF the pallets on the lever are visible (Levées visibles) (I cannot see that) and if has...
  13. pwrudy

    Any clue as to this European watch?

    A typical swiss showpiece, I would say. That's Vallée de Joux, about 1890/1900, uncut balance, flat spring, just basic movement decoration (a variant of the ever popular geneva stripes) to make it more flashy. The dial clearly points towards the showpiece: it should attract the customer by its...
  14. pwrudy

    Swiss pocket watch

    Wow! This was really worth the effort! Thanks ever so much! Now, you have the manufacturer (at least of the dial): Babezat-Juvet. This company is not listed in Pritchard, so it might just be the dial manufacturer, but nevertheless an interesting bit of information. The best thing is the...
  15. pwrudy

    Swiss pocket watch

    Oh yes, please do so, I would really appreciate to see the underdial side of this watch! Great fun!
  16. pwrudy

    Looking for information on a H. Huguenin silver pocket watch

    As far as I know, 'Huguenin' is a typical family name in the valée de Joux, like 'Golay' or 'Le Coultre' or 'Audemars'. Some members of these prominent ancient families built up a watchmaking enterprise of reputation. This watch draws attention by the name 'Huguenin', alluding to the firm of...
  17. pwrudy

    Swiss pocket watch

    Even though I am not an explicit collector of swiss fakes, I love them: Those clumsy lines 'highly jeweled' (often spelled 'jewelled'), the machine engravings, the fake jewel settings and those Railroad romantic allusions (trains, cars, words referring to the RR) add to their character. I like...
  18. pwrudy

    anouther pocket watch i'll soon have

    This is certainly a piece made and completely finished in England. The manufacturer custom-signed this watch (private label). I am not 100% sure (need to see a closer picture of the escapement and the dial side of the bottom plate), but this looks like a Rotherham 'Supergrade', i.e. their best...
  19. pwrudy

    anouther repeater question

    Yes, I guess this is the correct expression even if I would prefer to speak of a push repeater. One had to depress the pendant to activate the repeating mechanism. In a strict sense, there was no 'pumping' with this construction; the pendant came up automatically during the repeating process. A...
  20. pwrudy

    anouther repeater question

    This helps a lot indeed, thank you! As far as I can see, this is a verge watch, so the 'usual' escapement for this period. Virgule and Cylinder are ruled out because of the crown wheel. Debaufre still is possible but very rare and thus unlikely. They constructed the watch it as slim as...

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