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  1. pwrudy

    new ebay scam?

    Gentlemen, would you please give me advice on this case: Let's examine this ebay comedy in three acts: Act 1 - grand opening: A relatively unknown seller throws a 'grand watch' into the big boiling horological...
  2. pwrudy

    a Leplastrier pocket chronometer

    Dear friends, after several experiments with web hosting sites I have found a wonderful way to post images which is preliminary to my question that I would like to confront you with. Almost a decade ago, a fellow watch collector bought the following piece...
  3. pwrudy

    Brillman & Co London #6288

    Dear Laurel, I have a loose movement from Brillman, # 5143, made in the 1850s (judged from the plate design and technical features). Brillman & Co, 76 Leadenhall St., London EC made pocket watches and pocket chronometers in the 1860s (ref.: Tony Mercer, Chronometer makers of the world, p. 113)...
  4. pwrudy

    early Bunn

    Dear friends, german collectors are not as knowledgeable regarding american PWs as americans (what a surprise). Because of that fact I could acquire a Bunn, second run, serial # 2357, marked Currier's Patent, dial has Springfield Watch Co on it, orig. hands and a very nice contemporary coin...
  5. pwrudy

    Namdor Non-Magnetic Pocket Watch

    Dear J., being located in Germany, I could consult Pritchard a little earlier, but I did not find any entries on 'Namdor'. Spell it backwards, you end up at 'Rodman' who was a watch importer, located in New York, active in 1955 (could have started earlier!) - Harry Rodman Inc. I would not at all...
  6. pwrudy

    early Lange watches in the U.S.

    Hello, I am a PW collector from Germany, and I really admire what you all are discussing so learnedly in this forum. A week ago, a german collector doing serious research on the birth of the Glashütte watch companies (esp. the firm of A. Lange & Söhne) approached me with the following request...
  7. pwrudy

    Bellevue watch

    Dear Damon, unfortunateley, to find reliable information on a watch signed 'Bellevue' is not as easy as you would think. This name is not a company name, it is a trade name/model name. This means, a company registered different names which were put on the watch to market it in a certain country...
  8. pwrudy

    Burlington watch

    Dear Patti, I really wonder why you did not have any replies so far, because usually american watches are a two-minute business for all the experts out there... As far as I can tell from your serial number, your Burlington watch was made by Illinois about 1923, before they were taken over by...
  9. pwrudy

    trade an Illinois regulator (spare part)

    I am looking for an Illinois regulator for a Bunn Special mvt. mod. 9, 16 size, 21J, movt. #3.897.005, (no motor barrel). I do not need the whiplash part, just the plain regulator with the curb pins of course. S. LaRose has sent me an older model which would fit Illinois mvts. 16 size mod. 4 and...
  10. pwrudy

    I need help on how old this thing is.......

    Your watch is an Elgin 18 size, grade 82 (total of 163.000 produced), hunting case, gilt movement, lever set and has 15 jewels, dating about to 1883. Need more information? It is on the cheaper end of the value scale, I am afraid to say.

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