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  1. Dean Dallmann

    E. Howard #70 question.

    Can anyone tell me how long the correct pendulum is for an E. Howard #70? Along the same line is there a book, like the Tran Duy Ly books, that shows the various models of Howard clocks?
  2. Dean Dallmann

    Were can I get this chain?

    I have a Waterbury Atlanta that, I am told, needs new chains. The only place I knew to look was Merritts but they don't carry it. If anyone has a source for this chain I would appreciate you letting me know about it. I have included a pic of the clock and 2 pics of the chain in question.
  3. Dean Dallmann

    Clock Wanted, E. Howard

    I am very interested in adding an E. Howard #13 to my collection. I would consider a #12 but #13 is really what I want. I have notified some of the larger dealers and auctioneers so now in just continue to wait.
  4. Dean Dallmann

    $ 100 year old Bulova

    I doubt that this watch has any value other than sentimental because it was my grandfather's. My grandfather lived from 1860 - 1940. I have a 14k gold Rockford (hunter's case) pocket watch engraved to him dated 1911. I am told that he used the Bulova before getting the pocket watch. If so, that...
  5. Dean Dallmann

    English Bracket clock

    I have a fairly nice English bracket clock with a double fusee movement. The dial is signed Waring Chester. My resources have not been able to find any references to this clock maker. Do any of you know anything as bout this English clock maker? Any help is appreciated
  6. Dean Dallmann

    $ What's this clock worth?

    This is a British made Tall case rocking ship clock. It is signed J. Rossiter/Weston-Super-Mare. The base seems to be solid wood. The waist and bonnet are veneer. The door has a rectangular inlay. I do believe information about J. Rossiter is available. Any info and guesstimate will be appreciated.
  7. Dean Dallmann

    $ What is this clock worth

    I have this large, 69" tall, wall clock and I'd like to have a general idea of what it might be worth if that is possible. The case is solid wood and is extremely heavy. It might be mahogany or maybe walnut. The weight is encased in a brass cylinder. The pendulum is a steel rod with as...
  8. Dean Dallmann

    $ Can anyone identify this clock?

    I've never been able to identify this clock. If anyone can provide any information about it I would appreciate it. It is exactly 63"×16" at the base. The bonnet, or hood, is metal with a veneer bezel that measures 13" across the bezel.

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