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    Big Ben & Baby Ben contain radium?

    I came across two old alarm clocks, a Big Ben and Baby Ben I really like the looks of them, especially the Big Ben. I believe it is from the 40's. It keeps perfect time. But a friend of mine recently saw them and about freaked out and said that they both have radium dials and are very dangerous...
  2. J

    Clock at auction

    Anyone have any info on what this clock is? It's at a local auction this weekend. They only have this one picture and the only thing the sale bill says is "antique clock" Thanks!
  3. J

    My first grandfather clock!

    Got this Ridgeway at an estate auction last weekend. Paid $425. Did I get a good deal? It's oak. I think it's a beautiful clock and it works great! I believe it's a 1997 model. The guy said they bought it new at a furniture store in 2000 for nearly $4000. Said it was a gift for his mom. I...

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