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    Mora Clock Alarm Crown Wheel

    Hello,. I have a Mora/Kock family Swedish clock with alarm and have a question about the alarm crown wheel. A photo is attached. There are three holes on the base of the crown wheel. It looks like something is missing like a click spring? The alarm hammer free wheels and has no rest position the...
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    Mora Clock Movement Time and Alarm

    Hello, This is the second time I'm trying to post this. I could not find the first one on the site. I apologize if this is duplicated. I purchased what I believe to be a center wind Mora clock movement and dial. Photos are included here. The plans are to get it running and build a correct case...
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    Mora Clock Case

    I'm about to build a clock case for a Mora movement I'm going to acquire. Were all the cases painted? Also, what wood was commonly used?
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    Movement maker ID.

    I am looking at a lantern clock with two hands and a makers mark of J.J.E England inside a crossed out wheel. The mark is on the rear plate. The number 1579 is below it. Can anyone ID the maker and maybe the age of it. Thanks.
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    Telechron Rotor Identification

    Hello, I'm working on my first telechron steeple clock. and need help decoding the stamping on the rotor body. I believe it is a B rotor. The stamping are as follows: B2 TP TOP M1 1 RPM 60-C 412 I would guess one of these is the date code. Attached are photos of the rotor...
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    First Fusee Movement

    This is the first time working on a fusee movement. It is cable driven and time only. There doesn't seem to be any identifying marks on the plates. At first glance it looks ok, but I haven't done a detailed examination. I would like information on the type of pendulum (length, bob weight...
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    First CooCoo Clock

    Working on my first coocoo clock and need some guidance. It is a one day with coocoo and revolving dancers and music. It was made in the late 70s with a West German movement with three weights. First, should the three weights be the same? They are 320 grams each. Second, the revolving dancer...
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    Antique Time pocket watch repair snafu

    After getting a reference for a friend, I sent a Rockford 18s 17j pocket watch to Antique Time in Medford, OR for repair. I called them before sending it and they said they could fix it. Almost two months latter I don't have the watch and keep getting excuses why it has not shipped after I paid...
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    30 hour longcase questions

    Hello, I just received what I believe to be a 30 hour longcase movement and dial. Attached are pictures. It has a single weight continuous chain drive. I am a novice and having never restored one of these, have several questions for the experts. What size weight should be used? The suspension...
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    Johan Lengnick Fronhiem

    Came across a time only tall case clock movement and dial. The dial had the name Johan Lengnick Fronhiem engraved on it. Could not find anything on the net. Anyone have ideas on this?
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    ID wooden clock

    Trying to ID a wooden movement. The seller indicated it was a Beck Havaon. Can't find any identifying marks. Pictures are attached. Also, are there any books or tutorials on wooden clocks? Thanks.
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    Simplex Model JCP1R3 and Antique (17 Century) Clock Hand

    Hello, I am working on a Simplex model JCP1R3 time clock. I have the clock itself working but the stamping mechanics doesn't work. The problem is the stamping hammer does not recock itself after a time card is stamped. Does anyone know where I could obtain a manual for this? Also, does anyone...
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    Ingraham Synchronous Movement

    Hello, I'm new here just joining in April. The resources on this site are wonderful. I have picked up an Ingraham Synchronous movement that I am working on. My question is how to remove the seconds hand. It appears to be pressed on but I want to be sure before attempting removal. Does anyone...

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