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    Curious hammers on Kienzle Westminster bracket clock

    Hi all, Finally got my hands on a lovely Kienzle Westminster chime bracket clock. Sadly I have no photos of the case, as it's currently off getting a split repaired, but it's a tall beehive case with grills on the sides and back. Anyway, upon first receiving the clock, I noticed that the...
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    Foreign Westminster/Whittington clock: Who made it, and is it practically worth saving?

    Hi everyone, Back on this wonderful forum with some more questions for you all. As I have been isolated on a small island in a state of perpetual boredom for the past few months, I recently found this little tambour clock from the interwebs, and impulse bought it for hardly anything. The...
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    Hoping to swap chime selections on grandfather clock

    Hi everyone, Back on this fine forum with another question for you all. This may be nothing but a silly idea, but I figured it couldn't hurt to ask... Also, I figured I'd post this in the repair section since it's more technical. Sorry if it's in the wrong place. So, a few days ago I finally...
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    Sharing my current clock collection

    Hey everybody, Hope everyone is doing well! Not sure if this is the right forum to post this in (maybe it should be in the "your newest clock acquisition" forum instead?) but for anyone that might be interested, I thought I'd share a clock overview YouTube video I recently made. In it, I...
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    Resurrecting dual chime Celebrate, is it possible?

    Hi folks, Hope everyone is doing well! I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice on what, if anything, there can be done about this clock. So, as some of you know, I've been looking for a Westminster/Trinity HAC Celebrate for some time now. Well, back in early August, I snagged one...
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    An Orphaned Junghans Tambour was Dropped on my Doorstep!

    Hi everyone, Well, the title pretty much says it all here... My clock collection just keeps on growing it seems, even without my help. A few days ago I was surprised by the arrival of a large package. Turns out, my girlfriend (who is actually responsible for the start of my clock fascination...
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    Herschede mantle clock, can't access regulating arbor

    Hi everyone, It's been a little while since I last posted, but I'm back once again to ask for your advice. So, about three months ago now I purchased a Herschede tambour clock, model 204, with a dual-chime model 10 movement. I had this clock sent to a friend for safe keeping, as I was out of...
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    My new Gustav Becker mantle clock

    Hi folks, Thought I'd come on here to share a Gustav Becker Westminster mantle clock I got a few days ago with you all. According to the seller, it's from1921. Over the past two days, I've been quite impressed by how smooth and not fussy this clock has been, and I quite enjoy its deep and...
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    Clock Looking for HAC Trinity/Westminster mantle clock

    Hi folks, I hope I'm doing this correctly, and it may be a shot in the dark in any case... That said, I'm currently very interested indeed in adding a HAC/Borgfeldt Westminster and Trinity chimes *Celebrate* mantle clock to my small clock collection. Ever since I first heard it, the Trinity...
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    Introductions and questions, HAC Celebrate clock info.

    Hi everyone, So excited to be a part of this forum, and to meet and learn from such knowledgeable folks! I figured I'd combine my introduction and questions into one post, thereby reducing clutter. That said, my apologies if anything looks odd or out of place in terms of formatting or what have...

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