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    Invicta Skeleton Watch - OK, or junk?

    you can google or search in Amazon, or search in ebay for "invicta skeleton" (or just "skeleton watch"and get an idea of what is out there, simply disregard the "strikethru" price shown (esp Amazon). There are also lots of nice looking chinese skeleton's as well for 20-50 on ebay. May also want...
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    Pocket Watch ID Help

    I have a pocket watch that I would like to get a bit of information if possible. The movement is Swiss, and is signed Sterlitz Bros, however there are no other markings except for the "SWISS" stamp on the plate near the balance. The case is open face (screw on) and the back is screw on as well...
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    So disappointed. Now what?

    Google otto frei crystals
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    Electric WW Benrus Parts

    So I found a replacement female stem and also the male half with a crown attached. What I need now (and do not have the means to make one) is the case neck. From the remaining pieces, the case side diameter is 2.2mm and .4mm long, and the crown side is 1.98mm diameter and 2.4mm long (2.8mm...
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    Electric WW Benrus Parts

    Thank you for your reply and information. I have been tinkering with clocks (about a year) and watches now for several months. A novice I am. I have several decades of machining experience before the days of CNC, which may be both a curse and blessing, as there are many instances where I am...
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    Electric WW Benrus Parts

    I have a Benrus Self-Winding wristwatch given to me by my father. The Crown is missing as is the male stem, and the female stem is severely corroded due to the other two missing. It runs, but not so well without being able to set the time. A portion of the sleeve for the stem on the outside...
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    Need help with a Golden Hour Clock

    Assuming it is a Jefferson, you can buy a new base at Timesavers Item #: 14609($30). They have other Jefferson Mystery Hour Clock parts/inventory as well.
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    Anybody do hardwood in a corner just for a tall case? Currently carpet

    You probably need to consider an offset for the rise in the carpet height along the baseboards due to the carpet tack strips, especially if you make a plate for the clock base to sit on. I think the plate idea used with the toe spike suggestion is a good one, especially if you can make the front...
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    Inherited Ethan Allen/Urgos Floor Clock -- Pendulum Hits Chime Rods

    I am just a novice at this, but looking closely at the left side of the seat block assembly in the third picture, it appears that the wood in the upper left corner has come apart slightly and is slightly lifted up.
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    How do I let the spring down on a Shaller anniversary and stop its running too fast

    Re: How do I let the spring down on a Shaller anniversary and stop its running too fa try this link
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    Schatz Wall Clock #48 Mvmt

    Thank you. With limited tools I will need to figure the best way to capture the mainspring. I assume a "C" ring would be the ideal method. May be time to start investing in this hobby.
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    Hettich Mantle Clock #2

    My second Hettich purchase was actually intended as a possible parts donor for the first one purchased based mostly on the pictures provided and condition at the time of purchase. Unfortunately, the only place that one picture is not worth a thousand words is ebay®. Even after additional...
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    Hettich Mantle/Table Clock

    Thank you all.
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    Schatz Wall Clock #48 Mvmt

    Just received latest acquisition intended as a gift. Was running a bit fast, so I opened the back and found what looks like a generous use of graphite powder. Unfortunately, I cleaned the largest area near the mainspring housing before taking a picture, but remnants are still visible around...
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    Hettich Mantle/Table Clock

    I bought this in late November and spent more than a few hours fixing what got broke before I got it, specifically, the left horn on the pallet fork. Unfortunately, it was broken all the way down to the bottom where it connects to the right half, (connected is not the right term, as it looks to...
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    Schatz Elexacta

    Thank flywill. I saw something very similar on Amazon, but held off until I got it working properly. During my trials and tribulations, I also took great pains to ensure all the weight added (including the battery) was as close to center as possible. I am currently waiting on delivery of...
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    Schatz Elexacta

    Thank you, I will give it try.
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    Schatz Elexacta

    Well its been awhile now and so far the clock is working very well after a great repair from Mr. Labounty, who was able to re-pivot the wheel after the EW and install a new bushing. Here is what someone came up with as a "fix" or "repair", probably not a very good description. The first pic is...
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    Suspension Spring For Kundo

    Tony10, I too have one with the same plate, but a square case. It has the same guard, so yours is likely the original. When replacing the suspension spring (mine was like a candy cane from the previous owner), Chris Nimon at Horolovar recommended a 0.0023 and it worked out quite well. It is...
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    Wheel Repivoting

    try David Labounty

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